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Importance of Sayana Ekadashi

Significance of Sayana-Ekadasi

What is the Story Behind Sayana Ekadashi?

Celebrate the holy observance of Sayana Ekadashi on June 29, 2023. , engage in prayers, and fasting, and seek divine blessings for spiritual growth and well-being.

Oh, Narad, pay close attention as I tell you about a magnificent historical incident related to Sayana Ekadashi mentioned in the scriptures.

“Oh son, there was once a pious ruler named Mandhata in the Surya Vamsha.

He was made emperor because he constantly defended the truth.

He treated his people as though they were his children and family members.

He was extremely pious, and as a result, his entire realm was free from sickness, pestilence, or drought.

Not only were his subjects free from disruption, but they were also all extremely affluent.

The monarch enjoyed long-term power since his treasury was devoid of illicit funds.

However, once there was a three-year drought due to sin in his dominion.

The subjects discovered they were also suffering from starvation.

They could not carry out the required Vedic sacrifices, offer grita (ghee) oblations to their ancestors and the devas, participate in any ritualistic worship, or even read the Vedic literature due to a lack of food grains.

Finally, in a large gathering, they all came before their beloved monarch and bowed before him, saying, “Oh king, you always look out for our wellbeing, so we humbly request your assistance now.”

Water is of supreme importance for all life on Earth. Nearly everything becomes worthless or dies without water.

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Water is referred to as Nara in the Vedas, and the Supreme Personality of Godhead goes by the name Narayana because He rests on water.

God establishes His own home and rests there on the ocean.

It is believed that three things—pearls, people, and flour—cannot exist without water.

A pearl’s shine, a result of water, is its most important characteristic.

A man’s semen, which primarily consists of water, makes him who he is.

Additionally, flour cannot be formed into a dough, cooked into different types of bread, presented, or consumed without water.

Water is sometimes referred to be jala-narayaa, the Supreme Lord manifested in this substance that sustains life.

“Oh king, this drought has caused a great lack of valuable grains; consequently, we are all miserable, and the population is going down as people die off or leave your kingdom,” the King said. “Oh King, this severe drought has caused a great lack of valuable grains that grow the grains that maintain every living entity. Oh, best King on Earth, please solve this issue and restore peace and prosperity to this world.

“You express the truth, for grains are like Brahman, the Absolute Truth, who lives within grains and so supports all beings,” the monarch retorted.

Grains are essential to keeping the globe alive.

Now, why is our kingdom experiencing such a horrible drought?

The Holy Scriptures go into great detail on this subject.

If a king is an atheist, both he and his people suffer.

I’ve thought about the root of our issue for a very long time, but after examining my past and present actions, I can honestly state that I have not sinned.

Still, I’ll try to make things better for all of your subjects.

King Mandhata gathered his army and entourage after considering this.

Bowed to me and entered the jungle after that.

He searched for famous sages in their Ashrams, asking them for advice on how to deal with the problem in his country. 

Finally, he arrived at Angira Muni’s ashram, which was illuminated in all directions by the brilliance of one of my other sons.

Angira appeared to be a duplicate of Brahma while in his monastery.

Exalted sages whose senses were entirely under control made King Mandhata immensely happy. The monarch quickly got off his horse and bowed respectfully at Angira Muni’s lotus feet.

The King then prayed to the Muni, joining his hands together.

Following his exchange of blessings with the King, the holy person queried the monarch about the state of the kingdom’s seven branches.

King Mandhata asked the sage about his condition and whether he was satisfied after explaining the location of his kingdom’s seven limbs.

When Angira Muni questioned the monarch about his tough journey into the jungle, the King explained the ailment plaguing his country.

Oh, a great sage, I am governing and upholding my kingdom under Vedic edicts; hence I am unaware of the cause of the drought.

I’ve come to you for assistance in trying to unravel this enigma.

Please assist me in easing my subjects’ misery.

“The present age, Satya yuga, is the finest of all ages, for in this age Dharma stands on all four legs,” declared Angira Rishi to the King 

Everyone in our day and age regards Brahmins as the most important people in society.

Additionally, everyone performs their professional obligations, and only Brahmins who were born twice are permitted to engage in Vedic penances and austerities.

The ceremonies of austerity and penance are being improperly performed in your realm by one shudra, even though this is the norm, Oh lion among kings.

Because of this, your country doesn’t get much rain.

Therefore, you should put this labourer to death because by doing so, you will cleanse your community of the damage he caused and bring about harmony.

Then the monarch responded, “How do I kill a performer of sacrifice and austerity who does not offend?

Please provide me with a spiritual remedy.

The wise man Angira Muni said, “Oh King, keep a fast on the day of Ekadashi, which falls during the month of Ashadha’s bright fortnight.

This auspicious day, known as Padma Ekadashi, would undoubtedly bring your kingdom abundant showers and, resulting in grains and other foods.

Sayana Ekadashi removes all kinds of negative factors and all barriers in the way of perfection, bestowing perfection unto its devoted spectators.

Oh, King, you should follow this holy Ekadashi fasting with your family and subjects.

Then, without a sure, everything in your kingdom will get back to normal.

After hearing these statements, the monarch paid his obeisances and returned to his palace

King Mandhata gathered all the Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras in his realm and commanded them to rigorously observe this significant fast day when the Padma Ekadashi arrived.

Following their observation, the rains came as the sage had prophesied, and soon after, there were bountiful harvests and a large grain harvest.

Rituals To Be Followed On This Ekadashi

Invite the devas to the sacrifice arena because they are asleep, and the Sun moves in a southerly direction. It is believed that after this day, one should refrain from holding any further auspicious rituals until Devotthani Ekadasi, which falls during the month of Kartika. One cannot

What is the Importance of Keeping Fast on Sayana Ekadashi?

Everyone should adhere carefully to the Ekadasi fast since it brings the devout devotee both ultimate emancipation and all other forms of enjoyment.

“My darling Yudhishthira, Padma Ekadasi is so potent that one who only reads or hears its praises becomes innocent,” said Lord Krishna in conclusion.

Oh Pandava, Sayana Ekadashi, also called Deva-sayani Ekadasi, must be rigorously observed by everyone who seeks to win My favour.

The day Lord Vishnu retires to sleep with all the devas is known as Deva-sayani or Vishnu-sayani.

Does this Ekadashi Help to Remove Obstacles in the Path?

Hearing this story eliminates all kinds of sins and impediments to spiritual purity.

The Ekadasi removes all kinds of negative factors and all barriers in the way of perfection, bestowing perfection unto its devoted spectators by clearing all the obstacles from one’s path.


For more such stories and related information, keep reading our blogs. Hare Krishna!!

Complete your fast the next day from 08:22 AM to 10:05 AM during Parana time.

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