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How is Life Beyond Death Explained in Garuda Purana?

Garuda Purana

Although one of life’s most important aspects, death is also one of the greatest mysteries. Numerous religious texts attempt to shed light on the afterlife and offer insights into the soul’s spiritual journey. The venerated Hindu text known as the Garuda Purana Book examines the intricacies of life after death and the consequences of one’s actions during one’s earthly existence, offering insights into Garuda Purana. We shall traverse the teachings of the Garuda Purana to understand the concepts of ghostly existence, past karma, subtle and gross bodies, and their implications for the soul’s journey in this quest. 

What is Garuda Purana?

The sage Vedavyasa is credited with writing the Garuda Purana, one of the eighteen Mahapuranas in Hinduism. Garuda is its name, derived from the name of the sacred bird that mounts Lord Vishnu. This ancient work is renowned for its detailed explanations of life, death, and other topics. It provides insights into the rebirth and liberation processes by explaining in its lines how the soul moves through several realms by its past acts.

What is Ghostly Life?

The Garuda Purana describes phantom life as beings who have transcended their gross material bodies but nonetheless remain bound by their subtle material bodies. These subtle bodies consist of the mind, intelligence, and false ego and act as a medium through which the soul communicates with the other world. Entities that remain in this state but often experience disturbance due to unfulfilled expectations or unresolved connections from a previous existence are called disembodied spirits, sometimes referred to as ghosts.

What is Past Karma, and How Does it Work?

Karma, or the law of cause and effect, is one of the core concepts of Hindu philosophy. According to the Garuda Purana, every action a person takes creates a trace in their consciousness that influences their future experiences. “past karma” refers to the totality of Garuda Purana, good deeds, and evil deeds that influence a soul’s path. When we pass away, the memories of our past deeds stored within the mind act as a conduit for the soul to travel beyond death.

What is a Subtle Body, and How Does it Work?

The subtle body that links the soul to the human universe is called the sookshma share. It facilitates mental operations and sensory experiences by uniting the mind, intelligence, and false ego. The Garuda Purana states that the soul travels to other worlds through the subtle body after death. The subtle body keeps the effects of past karma intact and moulds the soul’s path to subsequent incarnations according to its attachments and wants.

What is a Gross Body, and How Does it Work?

The gross body, made up of earth, water, fire, air, and ether, is the bodily form in which the soul lives while on Earth. Unlike the subtle body, which exists free of material restrictions, the gross body is susceptible to degradation and destruction. When a person dies, the soul loses its body and all attachments to the physical world. However, the subtle body continues to exist, carrying karmic imprints and leading the soul to its next trip.

Conclusion : The Garuda Purana delves deeply into the mysteries of life, death, and the afterlife as it examines the complexities of karma, gross and subtle bodies, and the soul’s unending journey. It teaches us that life is beyond the material world and that invisible worlds significantly influence the soul’s development. Thinking back on these lessons might help us better grasp the transient character of life on Earth and the never-ending pursuit of spiritual emancipation.

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