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Appearance Day of Sri Ramunjacharya

Appearance Day of Sri Ramunjacharya

There are four prominent Sampradayas of the Vaishnavas, out of which the Sri Sampradaya was commenced by Sri Maha Laxmi Devi and whose Acharya is the great Sri Ramunjacharya. 

When the Lord desires to re-establish Dharma, he either appears himself or sends his close associates. These Acharyas, battling lots of difficulties for the sake of all living entities, re-establish Dharma. 

The Appearance of Sri Ramanujacharya 

One such great Vaishnava who has made a great contribution towards re-establishing the glory of Vaishnavas matha was Sri Ramunjacharya, who appeared in the 1017 A.D. His parents, who were from the royal household, were Asuri Keshava and Kantimati Devi. Most of his childhood was spent in his birthplace Shriperumbudur.  

At the age of 16, he was married to Rakshakambal. And shortly after his marriage, his father left for the heavenly abode. After this incident, Ramanuja moved to Kanchi with his family, where he started studying the Adwaitavad philosophy under the guidance of Yadav Prakash. The purports of Yadav Prakash to Vedanta Sutra were highly inspired by Shankracharya’s. 

Sri Ramanujacharya was so highly intelligent that his knowledge of the Vedas surpassed that of his Guru’s in a short span of time. His Guru, Yadav Prakash, couldn’t seem to handle his arguments, his students increased day by day, and it came to the point where even his Guru became his student. The philosophy established by him is most famously known as Visistadvaita. 

Sri Ramanujacharya was a great scholar, virtuous, patient, and compassionate. 

He was unparalleled in his character and devotion. He was thus engaged in the worship of Varadaraj murti while residing in Kanchi Varagrach.

The Three Vows

Just 300 km away from Kanchipuram on the banks of Kavari was Sri Rangam. 

There resided the great saint Sri Yamunacharya. When his time of passing away was near, Sri Yamunacharya asked his disciple to bring Ramanujacharya to him. But before Ramanujacharya could reach, Sri Yamunacharya left his body. 

In a weeping state, he noticed the divine form of his Guru. His one hand was in a Yoga mudra, with three fingers open. The thumb and the forefinger touched each other, and the other hand was clenched in a fist. 

Sri Ramunjacharya understood that Sri Yamunacharya was trying to indicate something through this. 

He declared, “I will illuminate those in ignorance by engaging them in tasting the nectar from the lotus feet of Sri Narayan and protect them from the illusion of impersonating by helping them surrender to the lord!” 

One finger from his Guru’s clenched fist opened when he said this. 

He again declared, “For the protection of the people, I would write a commentary on the most auspicious Vedanta Sutra establishing the Supreme Lord as the ultimate truth. ” 

Another finger was released. 

“In honor of the great sage, Parashar Muni, I would name one great devotee and disciple of mine by his name, in gratitude of his compassion, who for the great masses, explained the relationship and characteristics between the jiva, universe, and the Supreme Lord and the medium for liberation and hence wrote the Vishnu Puran. ” 

Upon this statement, the last finger was released from the clutched fist. On seeing this, everyone was left surprised, and no one doubted that in the coming time, Sri Ramunjacharya would take up the place of his Guru, Sri Yamunacharya, as the next Acharya. 

Sri Ramanujacharya completed the three vows by his commentary on Brahmasutra, Vishnu Sahasranamam, and Arvandra. 

Sri Ramunjacharya

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Sannyasa Diksha

Sri Ramanujacharya was a ristha, but when he saw that it would be difficult to spread his mission further by staying as a householder, he took up the dress of a sannyasi in Sri Rangam kshetra. 

His Guru, Yadav Prakash, lamenting his past deeds, opted for a similar position, taking up the role of a sannyasi. He left for Sri Rangam to engage in the service of Sri Ramanujacharya. 

The Secret Mantra

Once Ramanujacarya approached his Guru to receive secret mantra initiation. 

Gosthipurna, his Guru, began to consider the matter, but still, he was unwilling to give the mantra to any person. 

Again and again, Ramanuja approached him, but repeatedly Gosthipurna refused his request. After his appeals had been denied on eighteen occasions, he was finally bestowed by the supreme auspicious “Om Namo Narayana” mantra. 

His Guru, Gosthipurna, instructed him, “This is the param-pavan mantra; whoever merely listens to it is freed from all sinful reactions, and whoever chants it is certain to go to Vaikuntha at the time of death. This mantra is the purest of the purest and should not be revealed to anyone who’s not qualified to receive it. Therefore, you must refrain from sharing this with anybody else.” 

Ramanujacharya bestows great mercy: 

Although he was instructed otherwise, when Ramanujacharya heard how this mantra bestows liberation and devotion unto the chanter, he climbed up on the tower of the Vishnu temple, promising everyone that he had a priceless jewel to give them. 

As compassion for all the living entities swelled in his heart, he then proceeded to loudly chant the mantra given to him, with the desire to help liberate everyone from the pangs of life and death. 

Upon seeing this, his enraged Guru cursed him to suffer in hell for countless lifetimes. 

Sri Ramanujacharya humbly replied, “If an insignificant person like me has gone to hell, just so many others can obtain the shelter of Lord Narayana and this freed from their suffering, I see no greater gain.” 

His Guru was left greatly stunned and pleased with his disciple upon hearing this. 

Sri Ramanujacharya resided in Sri Rangam up until the age of 120. At his ripe old age, taking permission from Lord Ranganath to leave his body. Upon receiving so, he declared his leaving soon among his disciples. Upon hearing this, a quiet hue spread among his disciples, greatly distressed and afflicted. They fell at his lotus feet, begging him to rethink his decision. After giving his final instructions, he departed for Vaikuntha three days later. 

Sri Ramanujacharya Teachings

On the banks of Kavari, he instructed his disciples in 64 matters, out of which two were of great importance and were hence accepted by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. 

They were: Vaishnava Seva and pure devotion. Only by the blessings of the devotees of the Lord can we advance in devotional service to the Lord and receive the pure name. 

These are some instructions of Sri Ramunjacharya that we must practice in our daily lives to further our devotion. 


The appearance and disappearance of fans of the Acharyas are the most important for us since, on that day, by remembering and glorifying them, we can purify our consciousness, and by following their teachings, we can attain their mercy. The Personality and life of Sri Ramanujacharya are like a vast ocean, and we insignificant jivas can only touch but a drop of it. However, by following in his footsteps and abiding by his instructions, we can make our human life successful.

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