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All You Need To Know About Utthana Ekadashi?


Hari Bodhani Ekadashi, also known as Utthana Ekadashi or Devthan, is the 11th lunar calendar (Ekadashi) of the bright two weeks of the Hindu cardi month (Shukla Paksha). It marks the end of the four months of Chairman, where Vishnu is supposed to sleep. 

Vishnu sleeps in Shayani Ekadashi and is believed to wake up in “Prabodinie Kadashi” (“11th Awakening”), Vishnu Prabodani (“Awakening of Vishnu”), Haripurabodini, and Dev Pravodhini Ekadashi. “), Dothan, Dev uthavekadashi or Dev Oothi Ekadashi (“Awakening of God “). 

The end of Chaturmas, where marriage is forbidden, marks the beginning of the Hindu wedding season. Ekadashi and Cartiki. [4] Prabodini Ekadashi is followed by Kartik Polnima, celebrated as the God’s Dev Diwali or Diwali.

Meaning of Ekadashi 

Ekadashi means that

  • To expand Devotional practices 
  • To less waste time in eating and sleeping
  • To give time in Kirtan of God’s name, in reading scriptures and in the hearing of Hari Katha.

What is the Tale of Utthana Ekadashi?

Once, Bhrama ji said to Narad Muni, “Son! Today I’m going to tell about the characteristics and significance of Hari Bodhani Ekadashi. This is Ekadashi is the destroyer of sins. It is the provider of great abilities and emancipation(Mukti). Oh! the best in Bhramans, as The Ganga bath’s significance, is greatly told in scriptures but this significance remains till the Hari Bodhani Ekadashi is not coming. It means that Hari Bodhani Ekadashi purifies more than the Ganga bath. Hari Bodhani Ekadashi purifies more than Ganga bath, more than the trip of all Pilgrims, more than the Ocean Bath. This Ekadashi is mentioned as great since it free us from all sins, any person who completes 1000 Ashvamegha Yagya or 100 Raajsu Yagya but the one who obeys the Hari Bodhani Ekadashi, they gets more advantages than these Yagyas.”

When Narad Muni hears all these about Hari Bodhani Ekadashi then he asks, “how we get the advantages of Hari Bodhani Ekadashi as the devotee who completely obeys it (Nirjalaa) then what profit he would get, the devotee who completely obeys it by accepting food for 1 time then what profit he would get, the devotee who completely obeys it on Fal ahaar time then what profit he would get?” then Brahma Ji replied-
“the one who accepts food for 1 time, his all the sins of last past birth get destroyed. The one who takes Fal ahaar, his all sins of last past 2 births destroys. The one who obeys it as Nirjalaa, his all sins of last past 7 births get destroyed.”

Now Brahma ji proceeding that anything which is rarely achieved, if anyone who obeys this Ekadashi, gets that thing easily. Why isn’t someone’s sins are as much bigger as Soomeroo mountain, if he obeys this Ekadashi then his all sins get destroyed in seconds. That’s why it is called Papharani Ekadashi. The sins of the last 1000 – 1000 births get destroyed of them, who obey this Hari Bodhani Ekadashi and the one who do Ratri Jaagrani on this day.

As an example is given as if someone just touches the small spark in the great heap of cotton then immediately that heap gets converted into ash exactly like that The sins of last past 1000 – 1000 births get destroy of them, who obey this Hari Bodhani Ekadashi and the one who does Ratri Jaagrani on this day. Why isn’t someone doing any of the small spiritual work, it becomes as big as Soomeroo mountain. Some so many people don’t chant the holy name, condemn the scriptures in which this great glorification is told, don’t believe in god, cheat the others or if anyone who serve these type of people; they don’t appreciate them, condemn about devotees and Vaishnavas, if the insult of any sage is going on they silently watch, the type of people who contains impure character, always think to enjoy with others wife or the type of people who are always busy in materialistic enjoyment, they always find mistakes in others, these types of people are being burnt in hell and Yamraj ji himself punishes them. But it is mentioned that if any person just decides only to obey this Ekadashi, his all sins of last past 100 births get destroyed.

The person who will obey this Ekadashi and do Ratri Jagran achieves supreme welfare with that he also gets the entry in Vaikuntha. Not only he, his 1000 forefathers also get entry in Vaikuntha, whether if they are in hell due to sins. First, they get a beautiful body equipped with ornaments and then they abode as Vaikuntha. The heinous sins as like of Brhamahatya’s spot is on any person, if he would obey this Ekadashi then this sin also be cleared.

The greatness of this Ekadashi is mentioned as if someone visits all the pilgrims if he donates gold, cows or fertile land yet the more welfare will be achieved by the one who obeys this Ekadashi not that person who performs all that mentioned activities. All pilgrims stay in the house of that person who obeys this Hari Bodhani Ekadashi. That’s why Bramha ji suggested to Narad Muni that to leave all the work on the day of Hari Bodhani Ekadashi and obey it strictly. The one who obeys it with devotion then doesn’t have to go into the mother’s womb. Govind himself protect him and destroy his sins, there will be nothing that remains which that person can’t achieve. Krishna always will bless him and protect him. Brahma ji articulates to Narad ji that on this day don’t eat in an atheist’s house.

What Are the Four Names of Utthana Ekadashi?

Utthana Ekadashi

Names of Utthana Ekadashi are: Haribodhini – Prabodhini – Devotthani – Utthana Ekadasi and it is the second Ekadasi (Kartik Shukla, light fortnight) in the month of Kartik.

Activities to Be Performed on This Ekadashi

Now when Narad muni hears this great glorification of Hari Bodhani Ekadashi then he asked that how to obey this Ekadashi, then Bramha ji replied:

  • By waking up in Bramha Mhurut and getting a bath
  • By doing Arti of God
  • By chanting the holy name
  • By praising God

It is mentioned that the one who obeys this Ekadashi like that then Devraj Indra himself greets that devotee by folded hands.

From various scriptures like Skand Puraan, Padma Puraan, Mahabharat etc…, Srila Santan Goswami glorifies this Utthan Ekadashi in Hari Bhakti Vilas. It is mandatory to obey Ekadashi but it doesn’t mean that we should not eat only. Ekadashi means Fasting for the body and Fasting for the soul which means to less eat and sleepless and to chant more Holy names, to more read Scriptures, and do other types of services.

It means the work which is favorable to devotees, accept them, and the work which is unfavorable to devotees, neglect them.

Activities like –  

  • To sing praises of God
  • To offer Deep to God
  • To offer Tulsi leaves to God
  • Doing Kirtan till whole night

These are favorable to Devotees. It is being told that once there was a mouse in a temple and there was a Deep kept in the temple then mouth started to nibbling in that lamp and then his mustache caught fire and then his whole body caught fire and he started to suffer in front of God and the God thought that he is offering me Deep and then God gave him the place in Vaikuntha.

And unfavorable means – 

  • Showing curiosity towards that talks aren’t related to Krishna
  • By wasting own’s time on social media as on youtube, Facebook or Twitter
  • By watching television ……etc. 

Why Keep Fast on Utthana Ekadashi?

The term Dev Uthani means “awakening God.” In this case, it refers to Sir Vishnu awakened from four months of sleep by the ritual. Dev Uthani Ekadashi marks the end of a four-month period called Chaturmas, where Sir Vishnu is believed to be asleep. 

A demon named Sankhyayan is said to have stolen the Vedas. Then the various gods turned to Sir Vishnu to get them back. Sir Vishnu assured the Vedas to be returned and fight the devil for days. After defeating him, Sir Vishnu has fallen into a sleep called Yoga Nidra, which began in the month of Asada with Shayani Ekadashi and lasted up to four months, according to the Hindu calendar. The four months between 

Shayani Ekadashi and Dev Uthani Ekadashi are considered disadvantageous for marriage. Dev Uthani Ekadashi is thus a ritual or Ekadashi that awakens him from the long sleep of the 11th day. On this day, Sir Vishnu is believed to have married Tulsi, a plant known as the incarnation of a woman named “Vrinda.” Thus, the wedding ceremony known as Tulsi Viva is performed by believers who bring about a happy marriage. 

The time following this opportunity is considered suitable for marriage and other important life events. Dev Uthani Ekadashi’s fast begins in Dashami, one day before Ekadashi, and continues from Parana Muhurat to Dwadashi.

How to Break the Fast on Utthana Ekadashi?

A ritual wedding of the Tulsi plant with the fasting of Prabodhini Ekadashi and the sacred black Sharigram stone-shaped God Vishnu, who is considered to be Tulsi’s husband. In the evening, the well-known tradition of gel paste (red clay) and rice paste is used to create the floor design. Images of Lakshmi and Vishnu are also made from it. 

Lakshmi Poojaan and Vishnu Poojaan are observed in the evening with sugar cane, rice, dried red pepper, etc., followed by Pandit. This ceremonial wedding is Tulsi Vivah and can be held the next day by Pravodhini Ekadashi on behalf of Pravodhini Ekadashi himself.


Kartik’s Ekadashi Titi and Shukla Paksha (moon phases) are called Devutthana Ekadashi, Pravodhini Ekadashi, or Dev Uthani Gyarados. On this day, believers fast the day and break it the next morning after a sunrise dominated by Dwadashi Titi. Devutthana Ekadashi is very important as it marks the end of the Chaturmas period, which is considered disadvantageous for holding auspicious rituals. In addition, it coincides with Tulsi Viva, the day the sacred Tulsi married Sharigram or Sir Vishnu’s Shri Krishna Avatar. And thus who Fast on Utthana Ekadashi always reap good rewards. 

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