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Daily Darshan

Daily Deity Darshan: Iskcon Temple

Darshan, which in Sanskrit means ‘viewing’, holds immense significance in Indian philosophy and religious beliefs. Darshan consists of beholding a deity, especially in image form. Devotees believe that by having darshan of the Deity's image, one receives the positive energy that is given by the deity, also known as blessings.


You can start your day with a marvellous darshan of Lord Krishna and Rukamani at Iskcon Temple, Dwarka, Delhi. We organize Aarti Puja and Deity Darshan on a daily basis. Every day between 4.30 am in the morning to 8.30 pm at night, Iskcon daily darshan is organized in several phases.


Each of these ritualistic offerings is suffused with special meanings and brings tremendous joy to the devotee. These include the Mangal Aarti, Tulsi Aarti, Raj Bhoga Aarti, Dhupa Aarti, Sandhya Aarti, and Shyan Aarti.


One should begin to see the Lord from His lotus feet, gradually rising to the thighs, waist, chest, and face. One should not try to look at the face of the Lord without being accustomed to seeing the lotus feet of the Lord.


One should worship Me in My Deity forms by offering the most excellent paraphernalia.



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Daily Darshan