In the World Holy Name Week, we are getting a beautiful opportunity to glorify the Glories of Hari name. The 25th World Holy Week Festival is being celebrated in this institution of Srila Prabhupada. It is said that the Holy Name Week is being promoted the most all over the world. We should dedicate our whole life to the name of Krishna. The World Holy Name Festival started before the World Holy Name Week- this festival is for 14 days. In this, we understand the Glories of the name Krishna and the importance of the name Krishna in our life? We should be grateful that by the grace of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, we have received this special gift. When we give priority to the name of Krishna, only then will we be able to chant the name of Hare Krishna Mahamantra properly. 

Hari Name The Only Ultimate Solution

We chant the name “Hari” to heal those who have been injured due to traveling here in this material world. But the healing places and sufferings are increasing drastically, and when we try to practice meditation, we get demotivated. Initially, we think that all of this is so boring because that’s how things usually are, but after we know it, we find it exciting and relish it till the end. The chanting of the Mahamantra is as vital as it is to have an excellent foundation to make a good structure. If the foundation is weak, then you will not be able to do anything. Then this valuable name of Krishna that has been found will be shipped from our hands. We will understand its value only when we give importance to it. Those who are negligent in chanting think that they can chant it from tomorrow or do the chanting along with their pending work, but the negligence of one day does not last only for a day; it goes on increasing and eventually harms us. Example -The Titanic ship was said never to sink, but it did, and its cause was negligence.

 We have to make a relationship with the name of Krishna. While making a relationship with someone, we’ve got to know their name, residence, and things that they like because we can’t make relation with anyone. A person establishes a relationship with someone after knowing about their specialties. We cannot make a relation with the name of Krishna because we do not understand the specialties of Krishna.

Krishna And His Name Is Non-Different

If we understand this famous verse of Padma Puran, then it will be straightforward for us to understand the name of Lord Hari.

nāma cintāmaṇiḥ kṛṣṇaś caitanya-rasa-vigrahaḥ pūrṇaḥ śuddho nitya-mukto ‘bhinnatvān nāma-nāminoḥ

In this, six characteristics of the name Krishna have been mentioned. We will be able to develop a relationship with the name of Krishna.

(1) bhinnatvān nāma-nāminoḥ – means that there is no difference between Krishna and the name of Krishna. Krishna and his holy names are the same. Krishna does what he says. That’s why one of the Krishna names is Achyut – because Krishna never falls from his promise. The people of this world differ by their names, but there is no difference between Krishna and his name. He always protects his devotees at all costs. This is our appointment with Krishna. Only by chanting will we get Krishna. We have already got Krishna if we can chant. In the form of his name Krishna enters into our heart and cleans it.

(2) pūrṇaḥ śuddho- means Krishna name is such that our heart also gets cleaned and the name of Krishna never gets tainted. Krishna’s name remains entirely pure.

(3) Nitya-mukto –means internally liberated. No evilness of the world can taint the name of Krishna. This is unaffected.

(4) nāma cintāmaṇi – means anything that comes in contact with Krishna gets turned into gold. The name of God fulfills every wish, whether it is material or spiritual. That’s why devotees should be careful while chanting, and if they are not, they should start being so and relish it. Krishna fulfills every desire, so surely Krishna will fulfill yours too. We have to be very careful of our desires and motivations while chanting. Krishna’s name can give us everything in devotion, and if we want to go away, he can also do it. There is so much grace in the name of Krishna that it destroys all our sins. It doesn’t matter if you come with wrong desires; the name of God is so pure that it purifies us. Therefore, when the devotees are not careful while they come in devotion, they will find everything boring after some time. Krishna gives things quickly but does not give this one thing Its devotion. Because there is this power in devotion by which we can control Krishna itself.

(5) Caitanya – means Krishna name is fully conscious. The name of Krishna is full of true bliss, so only the name of Krishna can give us the ultimate bliss. Then the question arises that why am I not getting blessed? Krishna is attractive towards them all then why am I not attracted towards Krishna? Prahlad Maharaj tells us that even a piece of iron and magnet are not given any training, yet they get stuck together because it is automatic. It is spontaneous, Similarly, our relationship with Krishna is also spontaneous. We are not getting attracted to Krishna because we have become like an iron coated with rust. The rust is the desires that are not letting us go towards our Lord Krishna. We don’t live in our original state. We are in ignorance, we don’t know, but the only remedy is devotion. If we are chanting half-heartedly, this means that we are not doing enough and that we have to chant even more. We are not getting attracted to Krishna because we are in a state of illness. It is only after we realize that we are sick we are going to take the remedy. The problem is not the outside. The problem is the inside. One’s mind only wanders while chanting when one is not interested in the name of Krishna.

(6) rasa-vigrahaḥ – means embodiment of rasa. Every Rasa is in the name of Krishna, whether it be the primary Rasa or the secondary Rasa.

There are 5 Primary rasa –   






There are seven secondary Rasa – 

Showing anger on Krishna Wondering Krishna

Making comedy

Chivalry (honor, kindness, and courage) Merciful relation

Dread (greatly feared; dreadful) Ghastliness (shock, disgust, or horror)

We are not able to understand these Rasa because we are not interested in the name of Krishna. If we are sitting to chant the name of Krishna, then we can’t just chant it while wandering in our imaginations. Srila Prabhupada has said that whenever we chant the name of Krishna, we will do this process by repeating it and when our heart becomes complete with it, then automatically our feeling, the relation we have with Krishna will be manifested, so there will be no need to do it artificially. Krishna’s name is all-powerful; it is no different than Krishna itself.


In this shloka, we have seen that there are six characteristics in the name of Krishna. If we remember all of them, then our reverence towards the name of Lord Krishna will increase. While chanting, keep the name card in front, on which Hare Krishna Mahamantra is written. Chant in front of Krishna photo or front of the deities. Make your home a temple. So let’s do well to the name of Lord Hari in this Holy name week and at the same time tell this to others and go to kirtan with them and chat Hare Krishna Mahamantra name as much as possible, dance there, distribute Srila Prabhupada’s books and spread the importance of the name of Lord Krishna to the whole world.

Chant And Be Happy – Hare Krishna Hare Krishna 

                                        Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

                                        Hare Rama Hare Rama

                                        Rama Rama Hare Hare

Hari Name Ki Jai

Sri Sri Rukmani Dwarkadhish Ki jai

Shobha Radhika Devi Dasi

(ISKCON-Dwarka New Delhi)