What are the Different Stages of Spiritual Life?

Different Stages of Spiritual Life

Being a human soul, you have the potential to embrace spirituality. However, following a spiritual path is a personal choice. You come across various choices that lead to new developments in your life. However, at some points in life, you feel like exploring the wonders of a spiritual journey. But before getting onto the path of spirituality, you need to know that there are four different stages of spiritual life.

Here are the details of the four stages of spiritual life before embarking on spirituality:

Stage 1 – Worldly Person

According to Bhagavad Gita classes, a worldly person cannot think besides their five senses. It means their life revolves around just sensual pleasure. And, when that pleasure is restrained, the individual feels annoyed. He also prays to God to plead for money and wealth for maintaining a sense of pleasure.

Stage 2 – Spiritual Aspirant

As per a Bhagavatam class, a spiritual aspirant is someone who realizes that the current condition cannot give permanent happiness. So, he/she needs to work on overcoming such limitations. But the aspirant is quite confused. He/she knows that they desire change in life but don’t know how to do so. After that, he/she starts seeking different spiritual paths. When in search of a spiritual path, a spiritual aspirant shows some selfishness. For, they think the path of spirituality is easy. While they know that some change is required in their life but they are not ready to make those changes wholeheartedly.

When they feel the knowledge is right for them, the very next moment they start thinking that path of devotion is more suitable. On coming across Yoga, they start evaluating its merits and demerits. For, spiritual aspirants get nervous on thinking about implementing self-disciplines rigorously in life. So, they start wondering about the need for such strict life discipline.

Aspirants often hop from one Guru to another for attaining peace of mind. They consider themselves knowledgeable and even try to judge Gurus. So, they decide that Guru A is not good and Guru B is good. Out of several aspirants, only a few realize that they need to be determined for attaining spiritual progress. They further make up their mind to follow a spiritual path and specific Guru. Then they honestly request the chosen Guru to impart all his/her teachings. That’s how they get ready to spend their whole lives in pursuit of spiritual goals. This turns an aspirant into a seeker.

Stage 3 – Spiritual Seeker

Spiritual seekers are people who have selected a specific Guru and spiritual path. They are also dedicated wholeheartedly to a certain path. They don’t engage in gaining knowledge by simple reading. Plus, they follow their Guru’s words as scriptures. After all, they have complete faith in their Guru’s teachings. Such a person is likely to make good spiritual progress. A true seeker doesn’t engage in intellectual debates. And, he/she doesn’t even criticize others on their separate paths of the spiritual journey.

According to a spiritual seeker, all paths leading to spirituality are equally good for the respective followers. Such a seeker is most likely to work hard towards attaining the centre of permanent happiness. When a spiritual seeker starts reaching the advanced stages, he/she is likely to get a glimpse of the ultimate Truth. However, there are still risks of degradation even after making such considerable progress. For, even an advanced seeker may sometimes get deviated from his/her path if they allow worldly events to interfere with their spiritual life. Even after getting glimpses of divinity, spiritual seekers may start coming back to the material plane every now or then.

Different Stages of Spiritual Life

Spiritual Master

To follow Lord Krishna’s path of spirituality, one needs rigorous practice. After all, a spiritual master gets convinced by the “Truth,” so he/she is likely to dwell every day in the realisation state. Hence, he/she is likely to become a true spiritual master because now they won’t doubt the ultimate Truth after experiencing it. So, they continue living like an ordinary person and don’t get affected by material things/events.

They also start eating, sleeping, drinking and working like an ordinary person, as they become “Jivanmukta.” Such spiritual masters may live to serve God silently. After all, their life is now controlled by divine desires. So, they start living their life to complete the “prabdha karma” and they don’t wish to return to the worldly side of life.

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ISKCON Dwarka is a divine centre that spreads the practice of spirituality and Bhakti yoga. They believe in the love of God while chanting Krishna Mantra(s). They involve devotees with dedicated thoughts and actions towards connecting to Lord Krishna, whom they believe to be the supreme Lord. Since they follow the preaching of Krishna and other holy Gurus preaching spirituality, they can lead you onto your spiritual path.


Spirituality is not only about following the ideals of a specific religion or a particular belief system but also about developing a positive lifestyle with spiritual thoughts. According to the ISKCON temple, Delhi, chanting Shri Krishna’s name and living life as per his teaching can help you attain comfort, peace and spiritual life. So, make sure to focus on what he has mentioned, practice it and start growing spiritually.