Valentine’s Day: A Day to Know Your Eternal Love

Valentine's Day

Selfish Love of The Material World: Once Yagyapatre Rishi told his wife that no man loved his wife for her happiness, but he loved her for his own. The same goes for the wife; she loves her man, not for his happiness, but her own. A father loves his son, not for his son’s happiness but his own, and a son also loves his father for his own happiness. Let’s know about Valentine’s Day in this blog.

There are many diseases we got from western culture, and one of them is Valentine’s Day. A boy sees the outer beauty of a girl and expresses his love for her. A girl sees if the boy can provide her with material comforts and then decides to confess her love for him. When the boy says I, he considers himself a material body and a soul.

What Does Love Really Mean?

Love doesn’t exist in the material world. Love means to give, give and give, whereas lust means to take, take, and in between them is give and take.

According to the scriptures, love is unmotivated and uninterrupted.

Love in the material world dies as soon as a boy sees his girlfriend or wife with another man or vice versa.

Valentine's Day

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The Disease of Self Enjoyment

Once upon a time, a man used to love his wife and kids a lot. He disappeared and declared himself dead to test his family’s love for him. His wife got a lot of money after his alleged death. When a few months had passed, he reappeared, and when his wife saw him, she started crying and questioned him why he was alive. She told him that she was living happily with the money she got after his death and how he shouldn’t come back. After listening to her, the man realized that there was no love in this world.

Similarly, once a man’s wife died, and while taking her to the cremation grounds, everyone chanted ‘Ram Naam Satya Hey.’ But her husband repeatedly kept saying ‘watch out for pole’ numerous times. Another man walking beside him asked him the cause for such a statement. He quipped that the last time she got back alive was when they banged into the pole, so I am taking care this time.

So there is no Love in the material world.

The Unalloyed Love of The Gopis

Pure and uninterrupted love we get only in Krishna’s abode.

According to the scriptures, love is selfless and unmotivated. So only by Loving Krishna can we get love.

Once Sri Krishna was ill, he asked Narad muni to get the dust off his pure devotee’s feet to free him from illness. When Narad Muni went to his devotees, no one gave him the dust from their feet as they said giving the dust off their feet to their Lord will make them sinners, and they will have to go to hell. When Narad Muni returned to Krishna and informed him, Sri Krishna asked him to go to the Gopis in Vrindavan and get their dust. When Gopis came to know about Krishna’s illness, they declared that they only care about Krishna’s health and not about going to hell themselves. Selfless love of the Gopis for Krishna is what true love is!

When Narad Muni confirmed if they seriously paid no heed to the fact that they’d be going to hell once Krishna applied the dust off their feet onto his forehead, the Gopis replied that the health of Krishna comes before everything.

This is known as pure Love, which we can only get from Krishna.

Take away

So this Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate with Krishna and serve him well. You will get unmotivated true love at his feet and will never turn disappointed.