Things You Can Donate to Charities This Winter

Donate To Charity This Winter

The winter season is right upon us and you must be all prepared with your warm jackets, boots, and other facilities to combat the chilling weather. But not all are as fortunate as you. However, you can donate to charity this winter to help people living on the streets brave the cold winter season. This way you can lead your life on the path of Krishna consciousness that suggests helping others. When you help people in need, you are also serving God in a way. Moreover, you get some purpose in your life.

You can even check out the deduction under section 80G of the Income Tax Act to ensure what funds to donate to charitable trusts. But if you cannot donate money to charity in India, you can perform your duties in other ways like donating useful things to people during winter.

Here are some things that you may consider donating to people in cold weather:

Donate Cold Weather Clothing

Winters are very harsh on our bodies. However, this season is harshest on people living on the streets. One of the very first things one may do to help people is by donating warm clothes. You must be having some sweatshirts and jackets that you haven’t worn for years. Since you won’t be wearing those clothes again, it’s best to donate them to anyone who is in dire need. They will feel grateful for it and you’ll also feel happy after the donation.

Which Hygiene Products You Can Donate to Charity This Winter?

Basic hygiene products are highly useful throughout the year. However, they are important during cold weather. So, you may consider donating basic hygiene products like toothpaste and toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos, deodorants, lotions and even lip balms. Since the dry winter air can harm one’s skin when they spend most of their time outdoors, such products are useful for people in need.

You Can Donate Shoes and Boots

Even the best NGOs in India urge people to donate shoes and boots to the needy in the winter season, particularly in a region with heavy snowfall. Just imagine heading out into the snow without shoes. While most of us cannot even imagine it, it’s a harsh reality that many people have to face. So, donating sturdy and warm boots can make their lives a bit easier. But when you decide to donate your shoes and boots make sure that they are in good condition.


Mid-Year School Supplies

Besides the donation of food to the poor, the mid-year school supplies are equally important to children. Generally, the school supplies are high at the beginning of a school session. However, most schools use those supplies more quickly than you may imagine. But when the schools reach the middle of the year, many struggling students don’t have enough supplies. So, you may consider helping educational institutions by providing donations for required school supplies. This would last them till the end of the year.

Games and Toys

While these don’t come under necessities, you cannot neglect that there are holidays in the winter season when people expect some gifts. But it is a hard time for a child whose family cannot afford gifts that other kids of their age may have. So, you may consider helping those families by donating certain toys and games that are in good condition. This way, even underprivileged children can enjoy games during holidays.

You can Donate Pillows and Blankets to Charity this Winter

Some NGOs take online donations in India to provide the necessary items to people in need. Pillows and blankets are such items that most poor people require in winter. According to Mother NGO, donations of blankets, comforters, quilts and pillows are beneficial for those struggling to stay warm during the coldest months of the year. You can donate such things online to temples, shelters or thrift stores. These places pass on your donations to homeless people.


Besides money, donating the given things to needy people can help them brave the winter season in some comfort. Your small ISKCON donation online can bring a smile to someone’s face. Moreover, you will earn a lot of blessings while fulfilling your service to the Lord. Besides, when you donate something to a charity, you get a feeling of satisfaction that cannot be compared to any other material pleasure in the world. Even Lord Krishna’s preaching encourages people to donate money and useful things to people who are in need. It is the easier way to get closer to God and feel inner satisfaction. Hence, you must consider donating to the poor through NGOs and temples whenever you can.