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Disappearance Day of Srila Ramchandra Kaviraja

Srila Ramchandra Kaviraja

Srila Ramchandra Kaviraja was one of the most renowned personalities of our nation that played a major role in spreading Krishna consciousness among massive groups of people. This blog will highlight everything about his life and journey. 

Story of Srila Ramchandra Kaviraja

The Story of Srila Ramchandra Kaviraja goes as, Ramachandra Kaviraja, the son of Shri Chiranjiva Sena (the eternal companion of Lord Chaitanya), has appeared in Shri Khanda. “Ramachandra Kabilaja was particularly serious, beautiful, intelligent, energetic, and enthusiastic,” said one biographer. 

Rama Chandra and his wife Rattanara were married, but they had no significant relationship. They continued to be fully engaged in the affectionate service of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. They had no children. 

He served his spiritual master Shrinivasa Acharya with unwavering dedication. At Vrindavana, Shri Jiva Goswami awarded him a Kaviraja titled “King of the Poets .”He wrote the following beautiful poem: 

  • prakasila mahaprabhu hare krishna mantra 
  • premera vadara kari barila samsara 
  • andha avadhi yata kare parsa 
  • bindhu na padila mukhe ramacandra dasa 

“Since Shriman Mahaprabhu is so kind, it represents the nectar of Halle Krishna’s mantra. The holy name is all souls from the cycle of life and death, from the planet below, from hell. Free. You can taste the sacred love for the holy name Radha Madhava. 

“Anyone, blind or stupid, can drown in this flood of Prema. In this way, Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu filled everyone with love for God. However, Rama Chandra Dasa was so unhappy that she couldn’t taste a single drop of the nectar. Narottama Dasa Takara and Rama Chandra lived together as best friends. 

Narottama Dasa writes DoyaKoreShriAcharya Prabhu Shrinivasa; ramachandrasanga magician Narottama Dasa, “0 Shrinivasa Acharya Prabhu, please be merciful.” His Samadhi is in Dila Samadhi, next to Shrinivasa Acharya.

Why did Ramachandra become very anxious to have Darshana?

Rama Chandra provided his heartfelt obedience to the lotus feet of his guru and Shrizivagoswami and brought good news to believers from Gaudadesha. At the behest of Srila Jiva Goswami, Rama Chandra took the Samadhi Darshana of Shri Govinda, Shri Gopinath, Shri Madana Mohana, and Shri Sanatana Goswami. 

Then he paid tribute to Shri Gopara Grasshopper, Shri Lokanata, and Shri Bugarba Goswami. They were very happy with him and blessed him. When he heard some examples of his wonderful poetic skills, everyone decided to present it under the title “Kabilaja.

” After staying in Goswami for a few days, they finally instructed him to return to Gaudadesha. So he went back and visited Shrikanda, Jazigram, Kandahar, and Karna on the way. Eventually, he came to Shri Mayapra and received the blessing of Shri Ishanatakuru.

Srila Ramchandra Kaviraja
Srila Ramchandra Kaviraja

How did acharya Prabhu initiate Ramchandra with the Radha-Krishna mantra?

At some point, some Smarta Brahmins colluded to slander the names of Shurira Narottama Dasa Takara Mahasaya. They were very angry that the people born to the Brahmin family were accepted as his disciples, even though he was nothing more than a caste Kayastha. 

They hired Raja Narasimha and the conquered Pandita Shri Rupanarayana into the Crusades, exposing Narottamadasa as deceiving. In a large group, they headed to Ketchuri, where Thriller Narottama had his headquarters. 

Knowing this plot, Shri Rama Chandra and Shri Ganga Narayana Chakravarti have come forward to face their challenges. They went to Kumarapura, where they set up two small stores, each in the market. One is a hot pot and betel nut shop, and the other is a clay pot shop. 

When the Smarta Brahmin group arrived at Kumarapura and sent their disciples to buy goods to prepare their meals, they came to these stores. The “shopkeepers” (actually disguised as Rama Chandra and Ganga Narayana) spoke to them in Sanskrit and began philosophical discussions with them. The students were surprised to see the deep knowledge of the two shopkeepers but still accepted the challenge. 

However, after a while, it turned out that they were not left to these “storekeepers .”They called their guru, who arrived at the scene with Raja Narashima and Rupanarayana. When the King asked for their introduction, these two shopkeepers informed him that they were two very insignificant disciples of Srila Narottama Dasa Thakura Mahasaya. 

Lupanarayana herself was drawn into the debate and lost the debate based on Rama Chandra and Ganganarayana’s Bhagavata. After being defeated in the village’s market, Lupanarayana and the Smarta Brahmin were no longer interested in traveling to Ketchum. Their Crusaders were furious when they all decided to return to their homes immediately. 

Raja Narashima had a dream that night when he returned home. There, Durga Devi told him: You have committed a mortal sin at the feet of Marotta Mada Sakura. As a result of this Vaishnavaparadha, I need to chop all of you with this chopper. 

If you want to save yourself, you should immediately evacuate to the feet of the lotus flower of Marotta Mada Sakura. At the same time, proceed toward Ketchum. They met on arrival and approached the temple of Shrigauranga to meet Narotta Matakura. 

Take Mahasaya was obsessed with his Bajan, but as a disciple, he informed him of the arrival of the two guests. She came out to meet her. By seeing his transcendental appearance infused with Krishna’s Prema, the two perpetrators were purified and collapsed in honor of Takara Mahasaya. 

Takara Mahasaya showed himself very humbly as a fallen soul. Finally, he started it with the Radha Krishna mantra. Many sinful atheists have been rescued from Sri Rama Chandra Kabilaja. He attended the Ketchuri Festival. 

He came to Darushana for the second time at the behest of Shrinivasa and Narottama. Still, this time he could not have Goswamis Darushana because Darushana of Goswamis died after Goroka Darshana. His heart was very sad because he felt away from them. 

He couldn’t bear this pain, so he joined her eternal entertainment in Vrindavana. In Vrajalila it is called Karunamanjari. His main student was Harirama Acharya.

How Srila Ramchandra Kaviraja explained Shri Krishna is the source of all incarnations?

They were very upset when the Shaktists learned that he had embarked on a Vaishnavism religion. But Rama Chandra was brave. With her Tiraka in twelve places on her body and her beads in her hand, he sat down in front of her and began chanting her holy name. When Rama Chandra went to his house after bathing, his Shaktist neighbor called him. 

“Kabilaja, how do you go home without worshiping Lord Shiva? Your grandfather was a great believer in Lord Shiva. Did you give up worshiping Lord Shiva?  Rama Chandra replied.” Lord Shiva and Brahma are two material forms of incarnation created by Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna herself is the source of all incarnations. 

Therefore, by worshiping Lord Krishna, all worship is achieved, just as watering the roots of a tree nourishes all the leaves and branches. Prahlada, Dolva, Vibhishana, and others were dear followers of Sri Krishna. 

Thus, Lord Shiva and Brahma were naturally fond of them, but Ravana, Kumbhakarna, Banasura, and other demons were followers of Lord Shiva, not Lord Krishna. Therefore, their ultimate goal should be destroyed. 

“Shastra says that he could create this world because Sir Brahma succeeded in worshiping Shree Vishnu. Similarly, Lord Shiva received foot wash water from Sir Vishnu’s head. After hearing these various statements of Shastra, these scholars were speechless.


Srila Ramchandra Kaviraja is one of the most profound names in the history of ISKCON. To gain more knowledge about such personalities you can keep reading our blogs. 

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