Online Donation: Great Help To Poor People

Online Donation

Philanthropy is important to keep the balance in society. People blessed with enough luxuries and optimum wealth should help and aid people with limited resources to thrive. As digitalization is taking over the globe, online donations are promoted and embraced. Nature has enough resources and as a wheel of karma or what, not everyone is provided or propounded with food, money and essential resources. 

It is often advised and escalated that people with wealth should donate to charity online for the wellness of compromised or slum people. Make donations or work for charities. Participate in social welfare. 

If you are the one with optimum resources and wealth, participate in social donations. There are numerous ways of doing so. 

How Can I Donate Money to the Poor?

There is only one thing amidst you and your philanthropy; a “spirit”. Once you swear to help and aid poor people nothing can stop you. No matter if you have funds or not to make online donations, Lord Krishna will always lead you to the right locus. 

Join Krishna devoted groups, network and amalgamate the right people to help the poor people. Make donations to the true sources. There are ways to donate money online or one can also leverage the offline organizations. Always verify sources if you are donating or offering help online. Nevertheless, there are various other ways to donate. 

One can promote or organize de-addiction campaigns, and participate in society’s well-being. Serve food, clothes, money to the people living in slums. Get to know them, comprehend the root cause of the development of slums

What Can I Donate to Poor People?

Donate to Help Poor People

Philanthropy is never bounded and is operated with free rims. One who wishes to donate can donate gold, money, food, clothes and what not! There are plenty of platforms available online to donate and to contribute to poor people.  

One can donate online to NGOs and can get affiliated with some trustworthy organization as well. The idea is to deliver the essentials to the poor and needy beings. 

Gold donations-


This method is considered to be sacred. In Tulapurusha, a scale weighing machine is used to make sacred and hefty donations. A person donating perches on one scale and gold is ascended on another to balance the scale. The donor donates gold equalizing the weight of self. It is believed to bless a person donating with angelic Punya. 


Gold is believed to be superior to wealth. Donating a pot of gold for society’s welfare is known as the Hiranyagarbha method of donating alms. In this, a person making thoughtful donations to society hands over a pot full of gold for people’s welfare. 


A model of the world or globe is created out of gold and donated for social welfare. As the name; Brahmanda, a donor soulfully presents a gold made brahmanda (Hindi world for globe) and elevates his share to society. 


Nature’s elements are sacred and impose a great significance in human’s life. Donating a gold made tree model is known as Kalpadapa. 


Cows are considered to be the “mother” in India. Donating a thousand cows for the community’s advantage is said to be a Gosahasra donation.


To imbibe a sacred love of mother-child love, a donation of a cow and a calf made out of gold is made. A donation practice is known as Kamadhenu. 


A horse designed with gold is donated and the act of donation is often known as Hiranyashva. 


A horse and 4 chariots made with gold are donated thoughtfully in a practice called Ashvaratha. 


In Hemahastiratha, an elephant and a chariot of gold are donated soulfully. 


Five ploughs of wood and five of gold are donated. The sacred and hefty donation is known as Panchalngalaka.  


An earth model made with pure gold is donated to bring Punya. 


A wheel-shaped universe of gold is donated. A donation termed Vishvachakra. 


Gold made ten creepers are donated with pure and righteous spirit.


Inspired by the seven oceans, in Saptasagatra, seven pits are dug in the ground and filled with salt, milk, butter, molasses, curd, sugar and holy water, along with the gold made small statues of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Surya, Yama, Lakshmi and Parvati. The pits are filled with jewels and then donated for the community’s welfare. 


A gold cow model is donated with eyes, nose, brows made out of jewels. A donation is known as Ratnadhenu. 


A gold pot filled with jewels and luxurious ornamentals is donated. 


Lord Krishna says “Prasadam” distribution is pure sin. A khichdi or rice will fill the empty scouring stomachs of poor people. Don’t feel the burden to serve fancy food, a simple meal will serve the purpose to poor people. If you feel it is difficult to serve food, make online temple donations where Krishna devotees gather and your help will reach the right locus. 


Money can buy things. Your little donations can aid someone’s better life. If you wish to donate money, online donations can be made. There are trusted NGOs out there who segregate the donated supplements and ensure equal and unbiased help to poor people of various verticals. 


Food, clothes, money can fill their bellies and needs but Lord Krishna’s name will fill their souls. Enlighten poor people with the magic of Lord Krishna’s name. Talk to needy people and lead them to light’s path to becoming Krishna devotees. Their sufferings, problems all shall escape. “Hare Krishna” has the magic of mitigating all sorrows. Donate to temples online for funding poor people. 

Is Giving Directly a Good Charity?

There are organizations out there segregating funds and channelizing the right distribution of donations and funds. But, how will you validate the rightful reach of your donations? 

One can donate directly as well. Meet poor people. Understand their needs and donate what you can and Lord Krishna shall help you. Cook plain rice and serve it to hungry people. You don’t need to do hefty donations every time, even a simple “Prasadam” would bless you with angelic Punya

Lord Krishna has given everyone their share of wealth. The one with optimum virtues shall donate and participate in philanthropy. Donate money online, food to slums, gold to temples, and a blessing of Krishna’s name to people. 

Make groups, join charities, donate to charity online or get affiliated with the one. Make sure you help people. We are here to support each other. Join networks of Krishna devotees. Lead each other to Krishna’s path. Our kindness towards society and poor people will bless us with angelic Punya and our happiness will garner more and more. 

Hare Krishna!