Life After Death – True or False?

Life after Death

Are you happy with your life? Many of us, still finding the answer of this question. If you are actually not happy, then you should start your search for the happiness. The very first thing that you need to understand that happiness lies within you. You don’t have to go anywhere else in the search of happiness. So, if you are willing to give an end to your search, start Discover Your Permanent Happiness and finding the happiness within you only.

What ‘Life after death’ is all about?

Many of us are still searching happiness. There are many people who think that there is something exists in life after death. People who are so much depressed with their life actually think that there might be chances of getting some happiness after life.
Before we get into the topic, we need to understand the concept of this mysterious subject. The whole concept turns around the different religious factors. Every religion has the different viewpoint about this concept. Let’s take a look at these perspectives:

Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism

These are the major religions of the world. According to these religions, they have different standpoints about the life after death concept. These religions have a deep belief in the reincarnation. They think that the soul is eternal. It moves from body to another. This thing continues till the soul has paid off all the debts. After this, the soul gets Moksha.
The idea of life after death is not acknowledged in terms of living life after the death. It is all about new life or rebirth after death.

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Islam, Judaism, and Christianity

This category of religion follows the theory of Heaven & Hell. They believe after death soul may get heaven or hell, based on the karma’s judgment. If person measures good, he goes to heaven if not, then goes to hell. One more thing, they do not believe in the concept of reincarnation.

Are There Any Pieces Of Evidence of This Theory?

There are many stories available where people claim that they have already experienced the afterlife concept. How true they are, it is still questionable. Following things are described by such people, just take a look:

  • Swift and huge bright white light, running towards them. They move further even without their physical efforts.
  • A twisting and long tunnel, which looks endless.
  • Many people claim that they felt zero pain. Their head becomes lighter and everything becomes even clearer than normal.
  • Unusual silence all around the space.

No one knows how much reality is there in these statements, but many people still believe that there is something available life after death.
To avoid and clear the image, you should start finding the happiness in your life. When you make your life happier, there is no need to discuss or think about something irrelevant or afterlife concept.

The search of happiness begins with you only. Do mediation, laugh loudly, be more social and do whatever which makes you happy. When you start doing this, you will not require to indulge yourself in anything dubious and suspicious.