Krishna Kali Yuga Prediction: What Lord Krishna Says About Kali Yuga?


This era is Kalyuga, and we as humans have shown kali yuga signs. We all know the end might be near, but there is a faith that Lord Vishnu would come in his Kalki avatar and save the world to establish the good once again. The blog is loaded with insights into the Kali Yuga. Keep scrolling. 

What Did Krishna Say About Kali Yuga?

The Kali Yoga is related to the demon Kali. “Kali” in the Kali age means “dispute”, “disagreement”, and “fight”. Krishna’s departure marked the end of the Dvapara era and the Kali era. 

There were predictions made by Krishna About Kaliyuga. They are as follows: 

(1). Religion, truth, cleanliness, tolerance, compassion, longevity, physical strength, and memory will fade day by day due to the powerful influence of the Kali era. 

(2). In Kali Yuga, only wealth can be regarded as a sign of a person’s good origin, correct behavior, and excellent quality. Law and justice will only be applied based on the power of the individual. 

(3). Men and women will live together because of apparent attraction, and business success will depend on deception. Femininity and masculinity will be judged based on a person’s sexual experience. A man can be called a Brahman by just wearing a thread. 

(4). A person’s spiritual status is only determined according to external symbols. If a person cannot live a good life, his manners will be seriously questioned. A person who is very good at juggling is considered a scholar. 

(5). A person without money is considered impious, and hypocrisy is considered a virtue. The marriage will be arranged simply by verbal agreement, and if a person takes a bath, they will be deemed fit to appear in public. 

(6). A sacred place will be considered only a deposit located in the distance, and beauty will be considered to depend on a person’s hairstyle. Filling your stomach will become the goal of life, and bold people will be considered real. A person who can provide for his family is a capable person who obeys religious principles only for the sake of reputation. 

(7). As the earth fills with people and so many corrupt people, whoever proves that they are the most powerful of any social class will gain political power. 

(8). Suffering from hunger and excessive taxes, people will have to eat leaves, roots, meat, wild honey, fruits, flowers, and seeds. Encountered by drought, they will be destroyed entirely. 

(9). Citizens will suffer significantly from wind, cold, snow, heat, and rain. They will be further afflicted by fighting hunger, thirst, disease, and severe anxiety. 

(10). The longest life span of human beings in the age of Kali will be 50 years. 

(11). Men will no longer protect their ageing parents. 

(12). In Kaliyuga, even for a few coins, men will hate each other. By giving up all friendly relations, they will be willing to sacrifice their lives and even kill their loved ones. 

(13). The uneducated will receive alms in the name of the Lord and earn a living by showing asceticism and wearing beggar’s clothing. Those who don’t know anything about religion will climb to the top and dare talk about religious principles. 

(14). The servant will abandon the master who has lost his wealth, even if the master is a saint with noble character. The master will abandon an incapable servant, even if that servant has passed from generation to generation in the family. When cows stop producing milk, they are abandoned or killed. 

(15). Thieves will rule the city, atheist speculative interpretations will taint the Vedas, political leaders will indeed swallow up citizens, so-called priests and intellectuals will become devotees of their abdomen and genitals.

What Does Krishna Say About Rich & Poor People in Kali Yoga?

Krishna Say About Rich & Poor People in Kali Yoga

To the question, “how many yugas are there?” There are four yugas. Sahadeva saw a well in the center surrounded by four walls. He was stunned by the sight before him. The water in all four wells overflowed as if they could not hold it, but the middle was empty. Lord Krishna said this, and Sora indicated that the poor would live among the rich. 

The rich will have a lot of wealth and prosperity, and this wealth and prosperity will continue to increase and overflow, but they will not provide a penny to the poor. They will waste money for themselves, but they will not share it with those in need and suffering.

Who is The God of Kalyug?

Kalki, also known as Kalkin, is the tenth prophetic incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu and will end Kali Yuga, one of the four periods in Krita Vaisnavid cosmology. The end of Kali Yuga affirms the eschatology of Hinduism and will predict the new era of Satya Yuga in an endless cycle of existence. 
The descriptions and details of Kalki are different in various past books. Kalki is described in the past books as a God of kalyug of eradicating adharma and introducing Satya Yuga by ending the darkest and most destructive period while riding a white horse and a fire sword to restore existence. Salvation is also found in Buddhist scriptures.

What Is The Ideal Way to Live in Kaliyuga?

Lord Hanuman explained various types of yoga to the third Pandawapima. He said that Satyayuga or Kritayyuga is the best time. Without religion, everyone is holy. They are so religious that they do not have to perform religious rituals to get relief. No one is rich or poor. No one has to work because they can receive everything at will. There is no evil, hatred, pain or fear. 

In Tretayuga, holiness and justice diminished. People hold religious ceremonies and get things by doing and giving. In Dwaparayuga, justice is reduced even more. 

The Vedas are divided. Very few people know the Vedas. Desires, diseases, and disasters have taken hold of humanity. In Kaliyuga, according to Lord Krishna, the world has lost all justice; people are corrupting and doing evil every day. 

Sickness and suffering afflict everyone. No one understands the full content and the true nature of the Veda. People fought over trivial matters like religion and land. Even if you work hard, you will not get good results. People who do bad things rank at the top of the social ladder.
There are lies, hatred, greed, no true love, no honesty, and lifetime value. A good person cannot live in this environment. Today, no one leaves any choice for those who are kind and honest? We all yearn for tomorrow. We hope tomorrow will be better. Missed tomorrow somewhere today. Hence, if you ask us How to live during the Kali Yuga? The best way is to live like a kalyugi.

Who Will End The Kali Yoga?

According to Vedic calculations, we are now in Kali Yuga, a non-spiritual age of ignorance, sin, and short life. The other three eras are Satya Yuga (Age of Wisdom and Truth), Treta Yuga (Age of Silver), and Dwapara Yuga (Age of Bronze). In “Brahma Vaivarta Purana”, Lord Krishna said that the Kali era would end 5,000 years later, ushering in the golden age. 

Hindus believe that human civilization was spiritually degraded during the Kali Yuga era. This era is called the Dark Age because people are as far away from God as possible. Hinduism usually symbolically represents dharma as a bull. 

The bull has four legs in satyug, but morality is reduced by a quarter in each age. This is one of the ends of kali yuga signs. In the Chali era, morality had fallen to a quarter of the golden age, so the Dharma bull had only one leg. 

Humans pursue the truth and perform religious rituals; they get what they want by giving and doing. In Dwapara Yuga, the Aspect of the world’s soul It is yellow: Religion has been cut in half. 

The Vedas are divided into four parts. Although some people know these four types of Vedas, some people know very little about them. The mind weakens, the truth decays, and desires, disease, and disasters follow; these people must accept the confession. 

Although there is a detailed theological framework that describes the characteristics of this age, the start and end dates of the age of Kali are still shrouded in mystery. The generally accepted starting date of the Kali age is 3102 BC. Thirty-five years after the end of many wars. This is very close to the beginning of the Mayan calendar’s proposed “Great Cycle” in 3114 BC. 

According to the Yuga cycle theory, the transition period between Yuga is always related to the collapse and severity of civilizations worldwide. Related to the environmental catastrophe, which wiped out almost every trace of any human civilization. 

The new civilization emerging in the new era is guided by a few catastrophe survivors, who carry the technology and spiritual knowledge of the previous era. 

For the past 2700 years, we have been evolving through the ascending Kali era. kali yuga end date might lie in 2025. Dwapara Yuga is fundamentally different from Kali in spiritual and material dimensions, inferred from ancient texts. Therefore, we can predict the profound changes in our environment and our cosmic neighborhood. 

The rebound of current tectonic activity and the increase in extreme weather events may indicate that we are slowly entering a period of turbulent earth change. 

Let us wait and see what happens in the future, while let us continue to create good karma! We need to be aware of these great time cycles that govern human civilization and the upcoming changes.


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