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According to the Hindu calendar, fasting, bathing, and charity on the Ekadashi of Krishna or Sukhla Paksha of every month are considered very auspicious or fruitful. Lord Vishnu gets pleased with Ekadashi fast and his blessings remain on all of you. There are 2 Ekadashi fasts every month. Every month’s Ekadashi is considered to have its own special significance. This fast is considered to be the best for devotion. Lord Vishnu sleeps throughout the 4 months of Chaturmasya. Then there comes a time during these months that while sleeping, Lord Vishnu changes his side. It happens on Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of Bhado month, that is why it is also known as Parivartan Ekadashi. Parivarti Ekadashi is also known as Vamana and Parasava Ekadashi. Vamana Dev is one of the 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu whose worship fulfills all the wishes of the devotees. Usually, people believe that Ekadashi is all about fasting, but no it’s not only that the Meaning of Ekadashi is – Fasting for body Feasting for soul.

Why It Is Known As Parsva Ekadashi?


The Ekadashi falling in the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month is known as Parsva Ekadashi, Jayanti Ekadashi, Vamana Ekadashi, or Parivarti Ekadashi.

One day Yudhishthira Maharaj goes to Sri Krishna and asks him some questions.

Yudhishthira Maharaj asks Sri Krishna what is the name of Ekadashi falling in the Shukla Paksha of Bhadra pad month?

Whom do we have to worship this day?

What boons is this Ekadashi going to provide?

To all these questions Lord Krishna replied, “Oh Yudhishthira this Ekadashi is called Vamana Ekadashi.” This Ekadashi is the bestower of ultimate merit and it also frees us from material bondage. Because Ekadashi liberates us from all sins, hence this Ekadashi is also called Jayanti Ekadashi. Only by hearing the glories of this Ekadashi one can be freed from their past misdeeds. The devotee who observes this Ekadashi fast gets the benefit of performing Ashvamedha Yagya. Therefore, any devotee who wants to be free from this material world must observe this Vamana Ekadashi. And at the same time, the devotees should also worship the Vamana form. By observing this Ekadashi fast our life gets the benefit of worshiping Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Also, it is said that that devotee definitely returns to the abode of Sri Krishna. There is no better fast than the fast of Ekadashi in all three worlds.

It is said that 4 months Chaturmasya in which Vishnu sleeps –that is Shravan Mas, Bhadra pad Mas, Aswin Mas, and Kartik Mas, on the day of Parasva Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu changes his sleeping position that’s why this Ekadashi is also known as Parivartani Ekadashi.

Pastime Of Parsva Ekadashi

Yudhishthira Maharaj, while listening to Sri Krishna very carefully, asks questions about the Glories of this Ekadashi –

What made Lord Vamana Dev take Bali Daitya Raj captive and can we really please the brahmins? Oh Lord Krishna, the preserver, please answer my questions. To this Lord Krishna replied that he would be pleased to answer these questions because only by listening to this story do we get free from all our sins. Sri Krishna tells him that in Treta Yuga there was this king named Bali Daitya Raj. These kings were born in the Daitya clan, but still, he used to sing the praises of Vedas every day. He used to perform rituals every day for Krishna’s pleasure and used to give great respect to Brahmins. One time Bali Maharaj got into a fight with Inder dev and after defeating Inder dev he captured heaven and the world. Those heavenly planets which I myself had given to Indra. Inder and other demigods become very sad on this matter. Inder dev comes to me, bows his head, and asks for my help. At the same time, Brihaspati, the guru of all the gods, also requests me to protect the gods. Therefore, I appear in my Vamana form to protect Indra and other demigods.

Yudhishthira Maharaj askes Sri Krishna that in the form of Vamana, how was it possible for him to capture such a huge monster. “I am your admirer, your devotee, please tell me about this.” When I reached Bali Maharaj in my Vamana form, I asked him for 3 steps of land and when he accepted to give me the land from my feet I attained the Prithvi Loka, from my thighs the Bhuvar Loka, from my waist the swarga Loka, from my neck the world of Tapha and from my head the Satya Loka. In this way, while expanding my body, I measured the sun, moon, and all the lokas of the universe. When everyone saw this vast form of me, they started bowing to me again and again and started singing prayers for me. After this I told Bali Maharaj that I have measured the earth in 1 step and heaven in the other, now you tell me where do I put my 3rd step. Hearing this, Bali Maharaj Ji bowed down to me and requested me to put my 3rd step on his head. I took my 3rd step and sent him to Patal Loka. I was very happy to see the kindness of Bali Maharaj and so I decided that I will always reside in his palace.

Merits Of Observing Parsva Ekadashi

Oh Maharaj Yudhishthira from Shayan Ekadashi to Ekadashi falling in Kartik Mask and Sukhla paksh, I rest in the same way in Ksheer Sagar and hence people who do devotion in these 4 months get a lot of benefits. Therefore, O Yudhishthira, we should observe Parivarti Ekadashi very well. This Ekadashi is the holiest, bestower of auspiciousness, and makes you free from all sins. Along with devotion, we should also pray to Vamana avatar on this Ekadashi.  Devotees who observe this Ekadashi fast with reverence, with devotion, get all kinds of happiness, and also after death, all those devotees return to the abode of Sri Krishna. We fully dedicate this day to Lord Krishna. On Ekadashi, we should please Krishna by keeping fast and should do whatever is favorable for devotion.

Sri Parsva Ekadashi Ki Jai

Sri Sri Rukmani Dwarkadhish Ki Jai

Shobha Radhika Devi Dasi

(ISKCON-Dwarka New Delhi)

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