Know About Nandotsava And Their History.


It was midnight of Janmashtami when goddess Devki gave birth to Lord. That night through Vasudeva, Lord Krishna was sent to Nandbaba’s Gokul Gram from Mathura’s jail, and the next day whole Gokul got the news that a baby boy has been born at Maharaj Nandbaba’s residence. With that news whole, Gokul was filled with joy. Every resident of Braj adored Nandbaba. For them, this occasion was not only for sharing Nandbaba’s happiness, but everyone also began cleaning and decorating their houses. It seemed like it was a preparation of an auspicious occasion. Nandbaba was dear to everyone in Braj. He was a guide and a leader figure to everyone. He was known for his habit of donating all over Braj. To have Lord Krishna in the form of his son, he too was filled with joy. The day after birth, Nandbaba, after completing the daily chores, got ready and called the Brahman to do the Jat Karma Sanskar. Many Brahmans came and started the Vedic hymns and chanting mantras while preparing to start worshiping the God, goddess, and their ancestors. Nandbaba donated 20 lakh cows adorned with gold, food in a large quantity, and gold-plated clothes to every Brahman. He was the happiest at that moment. He gave anything anyone asked for.

According to the Vedic Shastra, donation purifies tangible assets, bathing purifies the body, sacraments purify birth or life, penance purifies the senses, donating to Brahman purifies the assets, satisfaction purifies the mind and gives the ability of self-realization, Krishna consciousness purifies the soul. Because of donations done by Nandbaba, he didn’t lack any tangible assets.

History Of Nandotsava

History Of Nandotsava

The occasion started with the playing of dundabi. The whole environment was filled with auspiciousness because of the chanting of Vedic mantras, the musicians, and the knowledge of the singers. Cows and bulls were coated with different kinds of oil and turmeric paste and were adorned with jewels. Their foreheads were adorned with peacock feathers, and their whole body was covered with clothes of gold. We get to know how cows at that time were protected and treated with such generosity through all these practices. In Burj, there was no lack of milk, curd, ghee, or butter. Nandbaba’s residence door was decorated with colorful clothes, flags, various kinds of flowers, and Mango leaves. Every person in the village wore new clothes, a colorful turban, and different gold jewelry. Every villager with either small or a significant gift in their hands found their way to Nandbaba’s residence. All the mothers in the village were happy and dressed themselves and their children, and they too went to Nandbaba’s home. Gopiyo’s attraction towards Lord Krishna was inevitable because they all were Lord’s regular accomplices in Golok.

Here we can see that the Gwalas are simple villagers but are highly prosperous. Their clothing, they were acquainted with gold and silver, and even their cows were covered in gold. They were perpetually throwing milk and milk products at each other. All this splendor and affluence was because of the mother cow. It might seem difficult to believe that only cow protection and generous treatment could lead us to a prosperous life. Still, this Nandotsav serves as proof that generous treatment of cows and agriculture can indeed lead to a prosperous life. Omnipresent, alluring, the caretaker of the entire universe had now appeared at Maharaj Nandbaba’s residence. That’s why Nandotsav was celebrated with such grandeur in Braj. The occasion was complete due to the splendor of Lord Krishna’s birth because Lord Krishna himself took birth at maharaja Nand and Yoshada’s house, and Laxmi Devi had to spread her prosperity in the entire Vrindavan. 

                             Nand Ke Anand Bhayo, Jai Kanhiya Lal Ki

                            Braj Mein Anand Bhayo, Jai Yashoda Lal Ki

                            Haathi Ghoda Paal Ki, Jai Kanhiya Lal Ki


Lord Krishna, who is roaming at Nandbaba’s patio on his knees, is the same Lord Krishna due to whose fear every God works in this universe and kills many giant demons. That same Lord is at Nand’s patio acting and playing like a little child. We pray to God that everyone’s mind is submerged in the thoughts of Lord Krishna and that we all keep celebrating this occasion like this. Together we should wholeheartedly participate in Nandotsav and make this human life a success.

Jai Knaiya lal Ki

Sri Sri Rukmani Dwarkadhish ki Jai.

Shobha Radhika Devi Dasi

(ISKCON-Dwarka New Delhi)