ISKCON Banquet Halls in Dwarka That You Need to Know

ISCKON Banquet halls

ISKCON temple is one of the most famous pilgrimages in Delhi. Thousands of people visit this temple every day and seek blessings from Lord Krishna. Visiting here would fill your mind with lots of serenity and peace. This temple is situated on the hills of Hari Krishna, East of Kailash, New Delhi. You could reach this place by getting down at Kailash Colony metro station and from there you could take an auto straight to the temple. Unlike the temple the ISKCON banquet in Dwarka is also very popular.

This temple is well known all over the world for its peaceful location and spirituality. In this temple you could witness lots of historic architecture and a beautiful interior designing. The ISKCON temple area has a very beautiful ISKCON banquet halls in Dwarka. It has the capacity to accommodate around 1000 number of people at a time for some kind family function like wedding, thread ceremony or engagement. This hall is also great for some kind of family get together. It is believed that this hall comes up with the best of everything right from decoration, catering facility and every arrangement related to it.

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Services offered in ISKCON Banquet:

  • Banqueting facilities
  • Event Management
  • Gift packaging
  • Outdoor catering
  • We take order for all occasions and festivals

Organizing a program or function with us will give you a very unique and different experience. Our arrangements are really good and it has been admired and liked by all our devotees and their family members. ISKCON banquet halls will give you a feeling more like a home, one you are here in our place you will get all you need for your function. You do not need to worry or panic at all.

ISKCON Banquet in Dwarka is divided into two parts:

  • Bhakti Vedanta hall: It is located on the first floor with an area of 1800 square feet of area. It has the capacity of around 100 people at a time. The stage over there is 12*8 feet stage. There we have the arrangement of buffet table and it has an arrangement of 50 chairs. We usually serve you with 6+4 delicacies in the menu. There is a package for 60 people and it comes for around INR 20,000 and for 100 people it is INR 27,500. But you should note one thing that decoration is not included in this range. Booking with Sundaram hall, ISKCON banquet will give you a very excellent feeling in terms of treating your guests.
  • Sundaram hall: This hall is located below Radha Vrindavan Temple with 8000 square feet of area. The capacity of this hall is 250- 800 people at a time. Even more it has got two chanting rooms for practicing your mantras. The menu in this halls starts from 250/- per plate and a point to note for you is that decoration is not included in this. This hall of ISKCON banquet is little economical as compared to the other one.

The height of the temple is 90 feet right from the ground level. It comes under famous 40 temples in India. People who believe in Lord Krishna this temple is one of the most spiritual place for them. ISKCON banquet halls in Dwarka has made the organization of family functions much easier and reasonable. This is an ideal place for peace and serenity lovers.