Importance of Annada Ekadashi

Annada Ekadashi

There are two Ekadasi because “Ekadasi” refers to the eleventh day of a lunar fortnight. One occurs during the waning and the other during the waxing phases. Annada ekadashi is another name for Aja ekadasi. It is an important day per the Hindu calendar that occurs in the months of Bhadra (August–September). 

The day’s emphasis is on having control over one’s body, emotions, and food demands and is very spiritual. Aja Ekadasi is celebrated by keeping a fast, which is thought to wash away all sins the devotee has committed. The fast is thought to purify one’s soul, allowing one to find redemption. Lord Vishnu worshippers highly regard it all around the nation.

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Story of Annada ekadashi

“A famous monarch by the name of Harishchandra once ruled the earth and was renowned for his honesty and integrity. He had a son named Lohit Ashva and a wife named Chandramati. But due to fate, Harishchandra lost his vast dominion and had to sell his wife and son. The godly King was forced to work as a cremation guard by a dog-eater. However, despite performing such menial tasks, he maintained his integrity and moral character, just as soma-rasa does not lose its immortality-granting properties when combined with other liquids.

“The monarch lived for a very long time in this state. He then regretfully pondered, “What shall I do? What should I do now? How can I get freed from this situation? He effectively drowned in a sea of worry and sadness in this manner.

When a renowned sage passed by one day, the monarch was gladly reminded that Lord Brahma had created brahmins solely to aid others. Harishchandra respectfully prostrated himself before the sage, whose name was Gautama Muni. The King stood before Gautama Muni and spoke while holding his palms together. He was astounded when Gautama Muni heard the King’s tale of suffering. He wondered how this strong King had been reduced to gathering clothing from the dead. Harishchandra received guidance from Gautama Muni regarding the procedure of fasting for purification as a result of his extreme sympathy for him.

“Oh monarch, there is a very meritorious Ekadasi named Aja (Annada) that occurs during the dark fortnight of the month of Bhadrapada, which eliminates all sins,” remarked Gautama Muni. It resolved every one of Harishchandra’s problems. He was reunited with his wife and kid, who had perished but had been brought back to life simply by the power of this amazing Ekadasi. The devas (demigods) in the upper realms started drumming on their heavenly kettledrums and flinging flowers upon Harishchandra, his queen, and their kid. He easily reclaimed his empire with the aid of the Ekadasi fast. King Harishchandra also took all his subjects and relatives with him as he left the planet for the spiritual world.


Annada Ekadashi


Glories of this ekadasi

Anyone who fasts on Aja Ekadasi will undoubtedly be absolved of all their sins and enter the spiritual realm. And whoever learns about and practises the virtues of this Ekadasi gains the merit attained by offering a sacrificed horse.

Annada ekadasi, also known as Aja ekadasi?

This holy, sin-eliminating Annada Ekadashi is also known as Aja ekadasi. On this day, anyone who abstains from food and worships Hrishikesha, the master of the senses, is freed from all effects of his misdeeds. Anyone who hears about this Ekadasi gets absolved of their previous transgressions. Oh King, in all the heavenly and terrestrial realms, there is no brighter day than this one. Without a doubt, this is accurate.

Benefits of observing fast on Annada Ekadasi?

The benefits of Ekadashi are so fortunate that the Lord will forgive all your sins if you merely fast on that day without engaging in any other austerity. You’re in luck because it will arrive in just seven days. Thus, I implore you to observe a day of fasting and stay awake all night. If you do, it will resolve all of the effects of your prior sins. Oh, Harishchandra, I have come here because of your previous good deeds. Now, success in the future be with you! The great sage Sri Gautama Muni quickly left after stating this to see something.

“King Harishchandra adhered to Gautama Muni’s advice to fast on the holy day of Aja Ekadasi. Oh Maharaja Yudhisthira, because the King fasted that day, it instantly eliminated the consequences of his prior misdeeds. Oh lion among kings, observe the impact of this Ekadasi immediately! Any sorrow one may be experiencing as a result of prior karmic immoral behaviours is instantaneously vanquished.


On an auspicious day like the Annada Ekadashi, patrons must indulge in good deeds to wash all their sins away. At ISKCON temple delhi, we believe in making a better society by helping the ones in need. Hence, we work toward a few causes that even patrons can make ISKCON donation to help us serve more and more people in need and serve the Lord as a whole. 

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