Importance of Radhashtami

Celebration of Radhastami

Know the nature of Radha’s Love:-

Only by the mercy of the Lord’s Hladini Shakti, his pleasure potency Srimati Radharani, who possesses the key to open the deepest mysteries of the soul, is it possible to awaken the latent Love within our hearts. However, it is only logical that what is most uncommon and incomprehensible is frequently misconstrued. Although it is a very complex topic, Radha and Lord Krishna are our traditions. We must comprehend the nature of Love to comprehend Sri Radha. It takes a lot of effort for Krishnadas Kaviraj Goswami to explain the spiritual Love and Love of the Gopis. Kama is a connection based on the erroneous belief that I am this body and mind or a relationship based on consideration for my pleasure. A connection based on the understanding that, in our freed state, we are everlasting spirit souls unconstrained by the ego, intelligence, mind, senses, or body. A partnership built on selfless, unwavering service, carried out entirely for the pleasure of the beloved Prema. The nature of the soul in its relationship with Krishna is Love. Let’s know about the celebration of Radhashtami.

Understand the mood of Gopis to give pleasure to Krishna

What it means to serve on the spiritual platform is as described above. It is the essential essence of the soul, which Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu described in “Jivera svarupa hoy krishnera Nitya das,” according to which the soul is an eternal servant of Krishna. And the Gopis of Vrindavan; even the greatest Sannyasis like Sukadeva Goswami, Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Rupa, Sanatan Goswami, and Raghunath Das Goswami; have revealed to the world that the purity, intimacy, and Love of the Gopi’s is unmatched even in the spiritual world, why? Because they do not even have the slightest desire for their purposes. Their entire being—their hearts, bodies, brains, and everything else—is completely and unwaveringly devoted to Krishna’s happiness. We have read that the Gopi people dress elegantly, use perfume and cosmetics, comb their hair, and wear flowers. In our world, many women do that, and many men do it in their unique ways, but the Gopis only care about their appearance because Krishna wants to take pleasure in it. They know Lord Krishna wants to appreciate their beauty, not because they want to look attractive.

Additionally, Caitanya Caritamrita explains how the gopis make themselves so attractive. And as a result of Lord Krishna’s joy at observing their beauty, He becomes more beautiful. And the Gopis’ beauty becomes even more, when they witness Krishna’s increasing beauty as a result of their satisfaction at witnessing his bliss. They want to be more beautiful because they realize that Krishna is made happy by their beauty, and as a result, they work to improve their appearance. As a result, they become more beautiful, which makes Krishna more beautiful, and as Krishna grows more beautiful, they also improve. I could go on for the rest of the class. It continues forever. You might assume that this must be monotonous, but it’s not. The Love that is returned is what everyone longs for. Giving delight to His devotees is the only thing that makes Krishna happy. And Krishna’s disciples’ sole source of enjoyment is serving him. And the gopis have achieved the highest level of mastery in that art.

Why does Sukhadeva Goswami not mention the names of gopis?

Sukadev Goswami, throughout the entirety of the Srimad Bhagavatam, did not mention the names of any of the young gopis. He names Yasoda and a few senior Gopis, but he doesn’t name any of the Madhurya rasa’s younger Gopis by name. Because of how intensely the gopis adore one another. And they give Krsna such joy that Sukadev Goswami was frightened that if he mentioned any gopi’s name even once, he would lose consciousness and be unable to complete the story. Additionally, Parikshit Maharaj would pass away in seven days. There were barely a few days remaining by the time he reached the tenth canto. So very carefully, Lord Krishna avoided saying their names out of sympathy. However, he eventually reaches the point where all gopis are looking for Krsna. These transcendentalists are at the top and are the most personal. Those who bring the Lord the most joy and experience God’s delight to the fullest. They also noticed the footprints of one Gopi, who Krsna had left behind to be with them. Sukadev Goswami was almost able to speak Her name at that point but was unable to. anaradhito nunam hari iswara bhagavan. Govinda left us all for this one gopi who loves and serves with the utmost dedication, just as Krsna left us all. The most significant, the pinnacle of all devotion. Srimati Radharani is that. All of the gopis are extensions of Sri Radha, and Sri Radha’s Love is present in every living thing’s heart. Krsna is the full object of all Love, and she is the full, limitless reservoir of all Love. Radha and Krsna’s pastimes find the purest type of spiritual revelation. The absolute truth’s highest and most personal revelation.

How Krishna eternally longs to taste the sweetness of Srimati Radha’s Love

How Krsna, who is Rasabihari, longs to savour Sri Radha’s Love’s sweetness forever. Srila Prabhupada very simply explains it. If Krishna is Madanmohan, then even Cupid will be defeated by his beauty and grace. That refers to all the temptations in our worldly existence which are shackling us. But because Sri Radha is Madanmohanmohini, she overthrows Cupid with her Love. Love is king in this Vrindavan. Love wins over the beloved. When Sri Radha becomes enraged with Krishna and does so solely for his pleasure, Krishna engages in several exquisite pastimes to demonstrate his submission to Radha’s Love. Sri Radha is Vrindavaneshwari, the Eternal Queen. For no other reason then to make her laugh, he would occasionally dance like a peacock or lay down at her feet and wet her lotus feet with tears. To collect money from Sri Radha and the Gopis in the shape of clay pots holding ghee or yogurt that is balanced on top of their heads, Krishna will occasionally block their route. In reality, though, Krishna pleads with them for their Love by making these offerings. He is reliant on the devotion of his followers in Vrindavan. Even though Krishna is Abhijna and Svarat—all-knowing and independent—he nevertheless becomes dependent on the Love of his followers via his own sweet will. In the spiritual realm, Radha and Krishna’s timeless pastimes are represented by the Harinaam Sankirtan movement. The eternal pastime of Naam sankirtan has been brought from the spiritual world of Vrindavan to this world by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who is Krishna tasting the sweetness of Radha’s Love and is inviting us to participate in this spiritual pastime that is eternally being performed in Goloka. And when we practice Naam sankirtan with the appropriate attitude of selfless service, as instructed by our acharyas, the Lord grants us access to Radha and Krishna’s pastimes.


Keep chanting the Krishna mantra; Hare Rama, Hare Krishna!! On an auspicious day such as the celebration of Radhashtami, one should indulge in good deeds and help society rise a little. At Iskcon, we believe in serving the Lord through our charity and helping needy people. If you want to donate to any of the causes, you can visit our website and donate. Keep reading our blogs for more such knowledge and articles or information related to Iskcon Dwarka. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should we do on Radhashtami?

Devotees rise before dawn on celebration of Radhashtami and spend the day worshipping Radha Rani. Some of them fast while making prayers to Radha Rani and Shri Krishna. Women perform an Abhishek using Panchamrit, a mixture of milk, yogurt, ghee, jaggery, honey and bathe Radha Rani statues.

  • When was Devi Radha born?

King Vrishabhanu and his wife Kirtida discovered Goddess Radha sitting on the golden lotus in the pond. Folklore has it that Radha was blind until Krishna himself stepped in front of her, and only her eyes opened to the world. According to the Gregorian calendar, her estimated birthdate was Wednesday, September 23, 3221 BC. So, enjoy the celebration of Radhashtami with ISKCON Dwarka.

  • How do you pray to Shree Krishna?

Drink additional water while chanting the mantra meditation “Om Anantara Namaha.” Om Govindaya Namaha is the final magic. After drinking, please wash your hands with water and then dry them. Apply sandalwood paste to the statue of Lord Krishna. Light the diya and begin the shubham karoti kalyanam prayer. And Lets do the celebration of Radhashtami.

  • Why is Radha Ashtami celebrated?

The celebration of Radhashtami is fifteen days after Janmashtmi, which honors Shri Krishna’s birth anniversary. It was well known that Radha Rani was the goddess Lakshmi’s avatar. Radha Rani is thought to have been discovered in a pond in Barsana, sleeping on a lotus leaf rather than being born.