How Meditation Helps Manage Anger?


Anger – we all have seen it in others and have felt it as well. But what exactly is this feeling and  emotion and why the whole world tries to control and get rid of it? Let us find out what anger is, what  the causes of anger are, and how to manage it with meditation. 

What is Anger? 

Anger is one of the biggest obstacles in a happy life and a threat to our wellbeing. This emotion of  ours affects our family, friends, and those we come in touch with, more than it affects us. Being angry  towards something or someone is equivalent to holding a hot thing in our own hand, which would  continuously burn and harm us. Anger is a negative feeling and negative thoughts, which (if  harboured) bring a negative impact on one’s life and health. It is a strong feeling that prevents people  from developing Krishna Consciousness. 

Meditation help anger

What is the Main Cause of Anger? 

As per The Bhagwat Gita – A steady mind is the one that is free from all bonds and attachments, fear  and anger, and unaffected by misery or pleasure. However, this quality is to be seen rarely in us  human beings. We have our minds set on our priorities, and their failure make us angry. 

Even the slightest of dissatisfaction makes us so hyper that our positive attitude kind of disappears  for the time being. People try out different ways of reducing their anger, but those who practice  meditation are the ones who seem to have more control over this peace destroying and health  impairing behavior. 

Here are the Tips to Manage Your Anger with Meditation 

People across the globe hunt for effective ways of anger management, which can help eliminate their  struggles with anger and stress. Meditation has become a go-to option for many people having anger  issues around the world. Mantra meditation is one of the best meditation techniques for anger  management. It is of two types – Japa and Kirtan. The quiet and personal meditation is Japa, wherein  you find a peaceful space to sit and calmly chant a mantra. Kirtan, on the other hand, is a  congregational meditation with people chanting and playing musical instruments. 

You are supposed to keep chanting a particular mantra repeatedly and in a particular fashion for the  said time until you start feeling relaxed and happy inside. The energy of the sound created through  mantra chanting helps you achieve oneness with God and your spirit, and meditation empowers your  thinking. 

Mantras are powerful but you have to recite them religiously and with full conviction to achieve the  desired results. The better you perform, the quicker you have a peaceful and calm mind. You should  also ensure that you practice mantra meditation every day at the same time. When you recite  mantras with all your heart, they pull out the negative energy and fill your body and mind with  positive energy. 

Mantra meditation starts to show its effects right from day one; however, a complete change takes  time. So an important tip for you here is patience. You have to be patient and try not to lose faith. 

When you will keep doing it day after another for some time, your mantra meditation would pay as  desired. 

What are some Good Mantras for Anger Management? 

You can practice any mantra but we have some effective mantras from the Hindu religious practices  here, which have been reported to be effective for anger management. 

Krishna Mantra –

The Krishna Mantra is popular for providing peace and power to the one who chants it religiously. It  goes like – Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama  Rama Hare Hare. This mantra recites various names of Lord Krishna and praises His glory. You can  chant this mantra while sitting somewhere alone or with other devotees in a temple.

OM – 

The most basic yet the most powerful mantra of Hindu religion is OM, which means “it is” or “to  become,” or “will be.” Scientists around the world have researched this mantra and found out that  its frequency matches the natural frequency of the earth. This is the reason why this cosmic sound is  considered beneficial for mantra meditation

Shiv Mantra – 

Shiva mantra includes three simple words – On Namah Shivay (I bow to Shiva). Shiva represents the  eternal life circle and by chanting this mantra, you surrender your problems to the Supreme Lord. 


Anger is one of the most powerful and destructive emotions, which consumes our energy and  happiness. Meditation is an effective way to deal with this negative emotion, as guided meditation  helps one control and, eventually, get rid of the habit of harbouring anger.