How Lord Krishna Destroyed Keshi Demon at Keshi Ghat

Keshi Ghat

Lord Krishna fought many demons and brought peace. There is another tale where he killed Keshi Demon in the Keshi Ghat. Keep reading the blog to learn more. 

Beautiful Keshi Ghat

Keshi Ghat is the main bathing point in the city of Vrindavan. It is on the banks of the Yamuna River. Keshi Ghat is one of the best ghats on the Yamuna River, with a stone inlaid palace and the huge Madan Mohan Temple in the background. Here, the sacred Yamuna River flows mercifully and spreads to everyone without distinction. Anyone who touches, drinks, sees, smells, or bathes in her water is infinitely purified. 

Keshi Demon: Gigantic Horse Demon

When Keshi Demon‘s body fell to the ground, his soul appeared human. Her soul bent over to Krishna and offered her obedience. Then he said, “Mighty Lord Krishna, my name is Kumuda. I was Lord Indra’s servant and had his chhatra to protect him from the sin of killing-Vritrasura when Sri Indra decided to carry out Ashvamedha Yagya. 

The horse was great and ran as expected. I was dying to ride it, so I stole it and took it to Patal Loka (underground world). I was caught by the people of Lord Indra and placed in front of him. He cursed me to be the devil of the horse’s body. Today, Krishna, you have released me from this curse.” The soul embarked on a journey to Vaikuntha (state of moksha).

Keshi Demon presents anartha pride.

Radhanath Swami states that the Keshi demon represents the anartha pride in devotional practices and achievements. Keshi additionally represents the experience of conceitedness and ego. Keshi became a horse. Horses are managed by pulling their mouth with ropes. 

Proud human beings frequently boast approximately themselves with their mouth and criticize others. So, one ought to curtail those demoniac dispositions through limiting one’s tongue from undertaking prajalpa (pointless gossip) and through chanting the holy names of Krishna. 

Therefore, one must pray to seek blessings from Krishna to be a better human being with a humble nature towards everyone. One must desire to become Krishna’s servant without turning backs on one’s devotional practices and achievements.

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Keshi Ghat

How did Lord Krishna kill Keshi Demon?

Kansa, the maternal uncle of Lord Krishna, kept on sending many mystic demons, the best of all in the universe like Putana, Sakatasura, Trinavarta, Aghasura, Bakasura, Vyomasura, Vastasura, etc., to kill little Krishna. Both Krishna and Balarama’s efforts killed them. 

Consequently, Kansa was annoyed to see his attempts to kill Krishna and sent a powerful, mystic demon named Keshi. Keshi took the shape of a massive angry horse. He got there galloping in the direction of Vrindavan. 

He ran at a very high speed. His hooves were regarded to rip the earth aside and cause earthquakes. His tail reached so excessively within the sky that it scattered the clouds. Right there in Vrindavan, not aware of what was waiting for them, the cowherd boys were grazing the cows and playing blissfully with Lord Krishna. 

Madhumangala, one of the cowherd boys fond of Laddus, jokingly said, “Hey Krishna! My pal, you’re so important to the people of Vrindavan. They all love you and please you by presenting delicious food and sweets. Lend me your lovely peacock feather, flute, and glowing and bright yellow clothing. Thus, dressed like you, I will eat Laddus and consume them to my heart’s content”. Out of love for his pal, Krishna gave Madhu Mangala asked for. 

Meanwhile, the Keshi demon started looking for the boy who wore peacock feathers, played flute, and wore yellow clothes in keeping with orders given through Kansa. Seeing Madhumangala dressed as Krishna, Keshi furiously attacked him. 

Madhumangala got anxious looking at the dreadful demon and, without delay, ran to Krishna for help. At that point, Krishna got to the scene to rescue his pal and challenged Keshi for a duel with him. Infuriated by the challenge, Keshi opened his mouth to eat Krishna. 

When he approached Krishna, Keshj started to kick Krishna together with his front legs. Krishna grabbed the one’s legs, whirled him around, and threw him away to a protracted distance of greater than one hundred yards. Keshi fell to the floor unconscious. But he got there again to consciousness, madder than ever before. 

Now Keshi’s eyes have been blazing with anger. He charged in the direction of Krishna along with his massive mouth open to consume the Lord. With a large smile on his lotus face, Krishna broke all of his teeth. 

Keshi felt Krishna’s lotus hand caught inside his throat to be red-warm like fire. Krishna’s hand increased till Keshi struggled to breathe. Finally, he choked up and suffocated and began kicking his legs. His eyeballs exploded out of the sockets. 

He surpassed stool and urine simultaneously, slipped over, and fell to the floor dead. Shri Krishna Bhagavan ki Jay!!! Cowherd boys were very happy. They cried out, “Well done, Krishna! Well done!” 

And the demigods from heaven showered flowers upon his head. Because His hand changed into Keshi’s grimy mouth, Krishna got there right down to the ghat at the banks of the Yamuna to take His bath after killing Keshi. From then, that came to be called Keshi Ghat.


Lord Krishna Killed Keshi Demon, and he got moksha. This is the supremacy of our almighty. Even those who do evil deeds, once they realize their mistakes and apologize for the same in front of the lord, forgive even those demons and give them a happy afterlife by giving them moksha. Deeds and be loved by Lord Krishna. 

Radhe Radhe