How Can Spiritual Counseling Help You to Overcome Your Depression?


Depressed people often feel unhappy, but they also feel that the world is oppressive, that life is meaningless, and/or that God disapproves of it. You may ask, “Am I clinically depressed or lacking faith?” “Is life as unfair and empty as it seems?” “Is God punishing me?” Or “Should I take antidepressants or more? It is very similar to ordinary spiritual experiences. 

Some patients refuse treatment because they feel they should have more faith. Religious traditions and the communities that interpret depression sometimes as an illness, sometimes as evidence of mental weakness, and sometimes even as a punishment but can be treated with Spiritual counseling for depression

What is Depression?

Depression discourages enthusiasm and stifles initiative, and it can also produce despair and cause diseases in the mind and body. You can make a resource for eruption and actions without thinking that a person later can regret. 

Most of the time, these thoughts are entirely useless. Therefore, it must help to take care of depression so that people can live with more happiness, naivety, energy and, therefore, can achieve more significant potential in life.  

What is Spiritual Counselling for Depression?

Despite what a person who suffers from depression can think, it is straightforward to overcome depression from a spiritual point of view, and it’s not as difficult as you imagine. 

And this is a significant problem since it is a question of perspective or point of view based on mental disposal. These recommendations go to attend physical factors or doctors, through external, psychological, and metaphysical factors: 

1. First, try to analyze and discover the cause of the problem accurately. Don’t hurry. Sit quietly and think about the question. Spend a few days if necessary. 

2. Do not listen to the reasons because your problems cannot be solved and exceeded. The divine within you and the expensive surrounding it can effectively solve or dissolve all your problems. Just don’t give up. 

 Physical and sanitary

4. Keep the body shape when performing regular physical exercises and participating in healthy activities. A walk in the field will be refreshing and reinvigorous both mentally and physically. 

5. A pure and nutritious diet is essential both for the body and the mind’s health. Take more fresh fruit and vegetables. They are available at health shops. The tablets of vitamins of natural products can be beneficial.  

6. The nervous system should be strengthened through adequate exercise, relaxation, pure food, and regular prayer. Even a regular yoga routine is more favorable. 

What are Spiritual Therapies?

The easiest way to exploit the divine power inside is to repeat the sacred names of God and avail the Benefits of spiritual counseling. Please select from the Scriptures the divine name that means more and repeat it constantly, without a pause. 

In a short time, you will experience your power. In this method of spiritual practice, all the sacred writings of the world are unanimous. The last power in the divine name is like latent power in a tree seed. 

Just when the seed needs floor and water to allow it to sprout in such a large plant, so the divine name must be constantly repeated so that its power is manifested. 

What are The Physical, Biological, or Mental Factors of Depression?

1. Physical factors such as digestive problems, diabetes, anemia, or other diseases cause discomfort, which will naturally cause a mental scarcity layout. 

2. There may be too much sugar, which can also cause high and minimal blood sugar that will undoubtedly create mood changes. 

3. There is also the depression that the new mothers may feel immediately after giving birth to a child. Hormones are often quite unbalanced at that time, and a new mother can feel many changing feelings about things. 

4. A weak nervous system or an overload of work and tension causes an exhausting mental arrangement. And a negative attitude can cause greater digression in the perspective of a life of life. 

What are The External Factors of Depression?

1. It often sees that something simple as a climate or cloudy day can cause melancholy and depression. 

2. The welfare state of one who can be seen as unsatisfactory can also make one fought. 

3. Sometimes, a girl in an ethnic group can feel attracted to a child from another group and therefore be very depressed and disappointed because the parents would have never approved this agreement. 

4. Having a husband forces the wife to be or stay away from her environment or the family and society will also cause loneliness and depression in such a woman. This is also among some ethnic groups or religions. 

5. Collaborating with other negative people or listening to music with letters or dark messages will also make a more negative person. 

6. Be a victim of a robbery or theft, or lose everything in a fire, tornado, hurricane, or similar causes. 

Why Select Iskcon For Spiritual Counseling of Depression?

If you didn’t have the purpose of being here, you wouldn’t be here, and you would be somewhere else. But you are here, so don’t be afraid or hesitate to find your destination and satisfy your purpose. Providence will take you in the right direction. Spiritual therapy techniques at Iskcon helps you step out of depression.

Anyone in charge of an Ashama or a temple must understand these points on depression, so they can know more properly as to advise or direct a person needed.  

An old Buddhist says that if he has a problem and can’t solve it, why doesn’t he worry? And if you have a problem that can be solved, then why do you worry? The concern will not do it better. So we are free from too much concern and concern. 

There is another old hidden saying that emphasizes how every problem is just a temporary illusion. They can have a cause, a start, but they also have an end. Everyone is temporary, and it is not to our advantage to get as involved in the illusion or temporary nature that we forget the true goal of life, which is to focus on our spiritual progress. 


The divine name is the only sovereign and infallible remedy to get rid of depression once and for all. At the highest level of spiritual development, you can enter a spiritual ecstasy that allows you to forget all the problems, difficulties, and material conditions. But this is another topic.  

If you make yourself into account, you can climb above all good or evil that happens. You can’t afford to be overwhelmed by what is done in the world or your life, or it will become ineffective to do something about it. Counselling is effective and it always helps.