Celebrate Friendship Day With Lord Krishna

Friendship day


Friendship is a relation of trust between 2 persons. In Friendship, two people like each other, enjoy, share and discuss their matters. Friendship means when we open our hearts to someone, and they open their heart with us in a confidential way. Friends are an essential component of all of our lives. 

They give Excitement and Happiness to our lives. A true friend accepts you for who you are. They stay with us in our Good times as well as in our bad times. They always tell you the truth, show you the mirror of what you look like, even if they don’t like to do this thing, but still, they do this to protect their friend. 

A true friend connects us with Krishna, who guides us to achieve our supreme goal, which helps us in our sacred path. The Nectar of Instruction by Srila Rupa Goswami describes the 6 Loving Exchanges that can lead to strong Friendship –

1) We should give gifts and presents to our friends.

2) We should accept what our friends give to us.

3) We should share our hearts with them in a confidential way.

4) We should also hear them and keep their sharing with us in a confidential way

5) We should invite them to Prasadam

6) We should accept their invitation too

This is an elementary principle that is what we usually find out in any friendship or any relationship. When we do these six loving exchanges in our Friendship, it makes our Friendship deep gradually.

Leaving a True friend, we are running after a False friend. 


Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead, is our Dear Most Friend.

In the present status of our life, we have not only forgotten the Supreme Lord, but we have forgotten our eternal relationship with the Lord.

In the Presence of Krishna, a Devotee cannot have any fear. 

Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead. Krishna means all attractive. Krishna is full of the 6 Opulence – Wealth, Power, Fame, Beauty, Wisdom, and Renunciation. Krishna is situated in our hearts. He guides us and gives us determination in pursuing our goals. Krishna is so sympathetic that he fulfills our every desire.

Srimad Bhagavatam 3.27.4 – Srila Prabhupada
If one makes a friendship with Krishna, one will never be cheated, and he will get all help needed.


Krishna is a friend of every living entity. There are three stages where we develop our relationship with Krishna.

SAMBANDHA–Sambandha is a process of understanding our relationship with Krishna. It is a way of understanding the knowledge of one’s spiritual identity. Our first business is to know what our relationship with Krishna is.

ABHIDHEYA – Acting according to that constitutional relationship. Also, to follow the path of devotion and to develop devotional service towards Krishna.

PRAYOJANA – Prayojana is an Ultimate Goal of life, which is to develop the love of Godhead. Completely surrender at the lotus feet of Krishna, and this will happen only when we do prayers and services for Krishna. 


Krishna-Friendship-With -Arjun

The metaphysical relation of Arjuna with Krishna is of the dear most friendship. Arjuna is one of the pure devotees of the Lord reciprocating in the fraternal relationship, and the Lord’s dealing with Arjuna are displays of the friendship of the highest perfection order. 

He was not only a well-wisher of Arjuna but a benefactor, and to make it still more perfect, the Lord tied him into a family relationship by arranging Subhadra’s marriage with him. 

Krishna agreed to become a chariot driver of Arjuna to protect his friend from warfare risks, and the Lord became happy when he established the Pandavas to rule over the world. 

Arjuna attained spiritual perfection by devotional service to the Lord in friendship. Krishna is always thinking about how to serve his friend lovingly.


Sudama was a childhood friend of Krishna. Sudama was born in a low-income family where Krishna was from a royal background. Their difference in their status did not in any way hinder their true friendship. After their Education got completed, they got separated. But both Krishna and Sudama were not able to forget their divine friendship. 

The entire incident when Sudama meets Krishna after numerous years is so touching and unforgettable. We should learn from this Katha that we must never forget to help our friends irrespective of their financial status.

Let’s celebrate our friendship day with our True well-wisher, True friend Krishna.

Sri Sri Rukmani Dwarkadhish ki Jai.

Shobha Radhika Devi Dasi

(ISKCON Dwarka New-Delhi)