Govinda’s Restaurant – Popular Vegetarian Restaurant

govinda’s restaurant – popular vegetarian

Govinda’s Restaurant is a pure vegetarian restaurant that serves you very healthy, hearty, and wholesome food. The food prepared over there is very delicious and scrumptious. The preparation of food over there is done with lots of devotion and love for Lord Krishna. The food prepared here is first of all offered to Lord Krishna and then only it is served to all the customers of the day. This holy and truly transcendental meal and food served over here not only helps nourishing your body but also nourishes your soul. The food served over here is quite delicious and mouthwatering.

Many come to Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant to relish delicious food and for experiencing its warm and calm ambiance. It is very much crowded during Janmashtami as lots of devotees come to the ISKCON temple located quite close to this restaurant.

What does Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant aim at?

  • To promote a very healthy and nutritious diet to all the devotees who come to ISKON.
  • Also to demonstrate how there could be variety in vegetarian food as well, along with health benefits.

This restaurant is open both for lunch and dinner. It serves around 18 varieties of preparations. The ambiance in this restaurant is quite Vedic. It also encourages their customers to read and access the vast and epic Vedic Literature which is available at the reception of Govinda’s Restaurant.

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Timings of Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant:

  • Lunch- 12:00 PM- 3:30 PM
  • Dinner- 7:00PM- 10:00 PM

Govinda’s restaurant serves both Indian and Chinese cuisine. It is open all through the week. It is not close even on Sunday. Before coming here you can also book a table by contacting on these phone numbers: 9599508711, 9654011011. Booking a table will help you get lunch or dinner quite easily and you will also not waste much of your time. The average cost for two people over here is 1000 INR and service charges will be added to it. Both cash and card are accepted here during the time of payment. Buffet dinner and lunch are also served here and its range is 500 INR per person for adults.

Some of the basic highlights of Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant:

  • Buffet
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Home Delivery
  • Breakfast
  • Pure Vegetarian Food
  • Serves Jain Food
  • Scrumptious Thali

Apart from all these people have also liked the desserts served at the end of lunch or dinner. They are very mouth-watering. It is located on the premises of ISKON temple and the food over here is very clean and hygienic. Our services are appreciated by all our customers. The ambiance over here will take you back to the past and the rich heritage of India.

ISKON Dwarka is also very famous for the delicious food served over there. If you visit that place you are going to fall in love with the ambiance over there.

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