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Couples Counseling for Depression

When one partner is depressed, the relationship is depressing. And it is important to understand that depression is an illness. If you think that your partner is suffering from depression and anxiety in the relationship, the first step is to pay attention to the clues and get treatment. 

And with proper therapy for relationship anxiety and depression, you can win your battle against depression. Let us study in detail how therapy and relationship anxiety counselling for depression can save your precious relationship.  

What Is The Best Therapy For Couples?

No one magic formula fits all. Just like every couple is different, so are their requirements. Let us have a look at the top 3 couples therapy methods. 

Gottman Method

With over three decades of research and practice behind its back, the Gottman Method Couples Therapy has benefitted numerous couples. It uses counselling as a means to increase the affection and respect between couples. These techniques are very useful in resolving a conflict, especially when you have reached an impasse.

With a major focus on conflict management rather than conflict resolution, the Gottman Method helps you to understand the psychological needs of your partner. You both learn to speak honestly to each other and hence, lifelong trust is established.

Narrative Therapy

This method of therapy focuses on separating the problem from the person as it externalizes issues of concern. The counselling therapist will ask you to describe your problem and write down the negative parts of the story. They help you acknowledge the fact that a problem doesn’t define the kind of person you are.

By viewing your problem from different angles, Narrative Therapy helps you to gain a new perspective. It allows you to explore the past and sheds light on the negative aspects that remain hidden otherwise. You gain insight into the facts that are troubling you and your partner and find new ways to deal with your problems. 

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Developed by renowned psychologist Dr. Sue Johnson, emotionally focused couples therapy is used worldwide by hospitals, clinics, and training centers. Although this therapy is useful in most cases, it is especially considered for married couple depression.

With 3 special goals in mind, this therapy can help out a couple effectively if they are facing depression-related issues in marriage. The three goals are as follows:

  • Seeks expansion of key emotional responses.
  • Secures a tight bond between you and your partner.
  • Repositions your stance during interaction by creating beneficial interactions.

Should Happy Couples Go To Counselling?

It is often said that happy couples don’t need counselling. It is not about what can go wrong with your relationship. Even happy couples have a lot to gain from regular relationship counselling therapy sessions. Let’s have a look. 

Learning how to process your feelings

If there is any sort of communication barrier in your relationship, then a relationship counselling session is perfect for you. There must be certain things between you and your partner that are left unspoken. A therapist can guide you through exercises on how to convey your feelings and strengthen your relationship with effective communication. 

Helps in understanding boundaries

Establishing boundaries is the key to having a healthy relationship. There could be some things about your partner that you may not agree with. If left unspoken, these things can become an apple of discord later on. A relationship counsellor helps you to communicate effectively about the boundaries with your partner.

Helps to go through a life change

In our lives, there are some major moments such as having a baby, making an investment to buy a new home, planning a career change, etc. Having an outsider’s perspective can make a huge difference, especially if that outsider is a professional counsellor. They can help you with coping with anxiety and teach you how speaking up your mind can be helpful.

Can Counselling Fix a Relationship?

People ask this question quite often. Some wonder if counselling can train their partner to become a better version of themselves. The focus of counselling when it comes to a relationship is never to train one-half of the couple to any preconceived ideas. A counselling therapist never tries to convince one partner that they are wrong. 

The ultimate goal of counselling is to provide efficient inputs to strengthen and nurture the relationship in a healthy way. Moreover, one should never look at counselling as the last-ditch effort to save a relationship. Numerous researches have shown that happy couples use regular therapy and counselling sessions as a way to maintain a healthy relationship. 

Regular counselling sessions help you to understand the intricacies of a relationship. Couples find it useful as it serves as the perfect catalyst for improving emotional and physical intimacy by understanding each other on a deeper level. 

The first step towards this life of better understanding is to decide to go to a therapist. There are times when your partner may be reluctant about visiting a therapist. In such situations, it is important to try and convince your partner to reconsider.

Getting Counselling for Depression in Marriage Works?

Life tends to present inevitable challenges. And when that happens, the strongest bonds such as marriage can become stressed. Although couples acknowledge the fact that happy times will be interrupted by hardships, one thing they seldom prepare for is depression. 

It is important to keep in mind that depression is an illness. People often think that depression causes a rift between a married couple and ultimately, divorce. In reality, this is a consequence of not addressing the illness. To fight depression in a marriage, it is important to educate yourself and the rest of the family about depression.

Treating depression as a third-party object is the key. A couple should understand that depression is the enemy, not each other. Couples therapy for depression should always be encouraged and you both should visit the doctor together. 

There are many treatments available and couple counselling for depression will help you a lot to cope up with issues related to depression in marriage.

How do I stop feeling anxious in a relationship?

Relationship anxiety issues are common in any relationship. But things tend to go out of hand when you overthink and start to freak out by getting anxious. There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to stop feeling anxious in a relationship. 

Learn to accept that you can’t control everything

One of the most important things is to learn that letting go of control can help you. When you let go of things, you establish control over your anxiety. The habit of controlling every action of your partner is bound to bring tension and anxiety to your relationship. 

Practicing vulnerability in stages

The foundation of a relationship lies in giving your partner access to parts of yourself that you tend to hide away from the rest of the world. But this process is hindered when you experience anxiety. Overthinking takes over and begins to worry about exposing your messed up, complicated side to your partner. 

It is important to understand that if someone truly loves you, they love all that comes with you and your personality. Try to be open and vulnerable in front of your partner in stages. Your fear and anxiety related to vulnerability will decrease as the exposure increases. 

Reveal your true self, not your “anxious self”

Anxiety makes you form conspiracy theories about yourself. Never let yourself down with negative self-talk as it can sabotage your relationship. Listen to your true self, rather than your anxious self. Your mind comes up with a variety of false scenarios when you are anxious. 

That is why having therapy for relationship anxiety comes in handy. A counsellor offers a better perspective towards the condition of things. There is a narrow-minded approach in society that states going to therapy means you are crazy. Anyone suffering from anxiety issues should refrain from listening to such comments and seek help immediately.

Can a Person With Anxiety Be In a Relationship?

Couples anxiety counseling

Dating a person with social or relationship anxiety issues can be challenging at times. Someone who experiences anxiety issues is likely to spend time worrying about the things that might go wrong with their relationship. And these thoughts are likely to intensify with passing time. 

Anxiety can motivate different kinds of behaviours in a person. It can make a person cranky and irritable at times while sometimes, the person might get angry on the small things that don’t even matter much. Being controlling and showing passive-aggressive behaviour are also traits of people suffering from anxiety disorders.

But no matter what, anxiety issues should never put your relationships in jeopardy. Here are some good strategies that will help you to cope with relationship anxiety issues. 

Better Communication

Anxiety can have several adverse effects on a person and one of them is the tendency to avoid talking about it. The best way to cope with anxiety is to have better communication. Talking to your partner openly about your feelings can work wonders. When at the receiving end, try to listen without judging your partner.

Manage Your Reactions to Anxiety

It is very easy to take things personally and get upset when your partner is talking about their issues related to anxiety. These issues can often be misinterpreted as selfishness or deliberate attempts to create distance. In such scenarios, you need to show compassion and be understanding.

The way you react to your partner’s anxiety issues is on you. Hence, try to comfort them and tell them things are going to be alright.

Considering Relationship Anxiety Counselling

If the above-listed suggestions don’t yield the results that you wish for, then you must consider visiting a relationship anxiety therapist. Your partner may or may not accept the suggestion of visiting a therapist for relationship anxiety counselling. Try to make them understand that visiting a therapist will help you to develop the skills required to cope with anxiety. 

Final Thoughts

When facing depression or anxiety-related issues in a relationship, it is your responsibility to support your partner in every way possible. You should encourage them to visit a relationship anxiety therapist as therapy for relationship anxiety and depression will only serve your best interests. 

If you are facing any relationship anxiety and depression issues at the moment, you can always seek help from the free helpline number +91-9971766666.


Depression and anxiety can have several adverse effects on a relationship. The best way forward is to identify the signs of depression in the early stages and seek therapy for relationship anxiety. There are different types of couples therapies available such as Gottman Method, Narrative Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, etc. 

Better communication is one of the best ways to address issues related to anxiety and depression. Be understanding if your partner suffers from depression and never refrain from seeking professional counselling for stress and anxiety. Call helpline number +91-9971766666 for free counselling from the best relationship anxiety therapists.