What are the Dos and Donts of Clothing Donation?

Dos and Donts of Cloth Donation

Is your wardrobe so full that you don’t even have space to keep some extra clothes? Maybe it’s time to think about taking out the clothes that you don’t wear anymore. We all are guilty of piling up on clothes for years. But instead of holding on to those undesired clothes, you may consider donating them to those in need. Many people in our country have to struggle even for basic means of life. So, donating clothes is a great way to help them and also get closer to God. If you are wondering where to donate, you can look for nearby charities or consider an online donation in India to help those in need. However, there are certain dos and donts of clothing donation that you need to know before picking items you want to donate.

In this article, we’ll share the dos and don’ts related to clothes donation and more. So, continue reading.

Which Clothes are Ideal for Donation?

According to the best NGO in India, here are certain types of clothes that are ideal for donation:

Donate Only Clean Clothes

You must make sure to donate clean clothes. It helps charities to directly give them to people, who can straight away use the donated garments.

Donate as Per the Season

Never donate clothes meant for winter in the summer season or vice-versa. The donations help improve the lives of people, but the garments must match the season to ensure they serve the purpose of donation.

Donate Any Available Size

Generally, people donate medium-sized clothing. But veterans who may need clothes of varying sizes may get left out. Therefore, consider donating all-sized clothes – from small to plus-size pieces. Hence, people who wear scarcely available sizes may also benefit from the donation.

Donate Clothes that are Still in the Fashion

Just because you are donating clothes, it doesn’t mean that you give away garments that make a needy dress like they are in the 1950s. It is suggested to donate clothes that are already in fashion so that they are helpful to the needy.

Visit a Charity before Donation

It is crucial to call or visit the charity first before you consider donating clothing to them. Since each charity is distinct, so you need to understand their distribution techniques for ensuring your donation is successful.

cloths Donation for needy

Which Clothes are not Suitable for Donation?

Here is a list of clothes that charities won’t accept for donation:

  • Damaged clothes are not acceptable. If clothes are badly stained, ripped or have holes in them and other damages, such garments are not ideal for donation. While many charities send such clothes for recycling and dispose of the remaining ones in an eco-friendly way, it takes away resources and time that they may use for someone’s good. Therefore, consider not giving such items to charity and leave those items for rags or upcycling for other uses.
  • Never donate clothes that are subjected to dampness or mould because those clothes will wear off soon before anyone could use them.
  • Don’t donate used undergarments. These are highly unacceptable by charities because of hygiene issues.
  • Don’t leave donations on a charity’s doorstep or outside a clothing bank. You need to hold up these items until they are open or certain restrictions are relaxed.

Make Sure to Wash Clothes before Donation

According to charities with deduction under section 80G, one must make sure to wash the clothes before donation. No garments like clothes, towels or bedding must be donated unless properly cleaned. Wash or dry clean everything and remove the stains before donating. Try to use fragrance-free detergent and skip scented fabric softeners or enhancements for protecting potential recipients who might have perfume sensitivity.

Finally, label and group all the items when donating a large batch of garments. For instance, if you want to donate clothes that range from infants to adults, you can separate them as per age range.

What are Alternatives to Clothing Donation?

According to Mother NGO, if the clothes are not in good condition, you can find other alternatives for clothing donation like recycling or repurposing them to minimize the carbon footprint.

  • Repurpose Old Clothes:

Old clothes are ideal to use as dust rags for cleaning while other clothing types like shirts are easy to turn into dog toys.

  • Recycle Towels, Clothes and Bed Sheets that are not Ideal for Donation:

If you cannot find a proper use for old clothes around your house, you can reach out to non-profit organizations for textile recycling. At times, they may take old clothes and give them to textile recyclers. It is best to look out for the best recycling organizations near you for help.


These are some vital things to consider when donating clothes to charity organizations. But if you don’t know how to begin, ISKCON donation online makes it easier to take your old clothes and give them away to people in need. Instead of considering donating money to charity in India, it’s best to donate clothes that benefit needy people.