Donate Money to Charity: Why is it Important?

Donate Money to Charity

Living a life of Krishna consciousness is the only way one can lead a happy life at the same time performing his duties to the Lord. We often commit the folly of attaching ourselves to material comforts completely forgetting that none of it can be taken with us when we die. All that can therefore be beneficial is attaining closeness with the Lord and serving Him which we will give a purpose to your life. Let’s know why it is important to donate money to charity.

There are multiple ways in which one can serve the Lord. The only important thing is that every action must be Krishna centred and must be done to serve the Lord at the same time fulfilling the responsibilities of material life. Performing Japa, listening to the Lord’s preaching, preaching to other people about the Lord, donating to the temples and taking care of God’s children are all the services that you can participate in, to serve the Lord.  

Donate money to charity is one of the best ways in which you can perform your duty. It can also help in detaching oneself from the material world while at the same time helping those who are in need. Read with us to know why it is important to donate money and how you can donate money to charity. 

Does Donating to Charity Actually Help?

Donating money to charity helps one get the blessings of those in need and at the same time fulfil one’s service to the Lord. The amount of money donated or the kind of service is of little significance. What matters are the intentions with which a donation is made. 

Further, donating money to temples is considered a noble act since temples are the platform where the devotees can perform their services to the Lord and come in contact with Him. Therefore, helping in building the home of the Lord can be one of the best ways in which one can contribute. 

Is It Better To Donate Time or Money?

Donating time and money are both considered significant. Donate money to charity can help a temple manage its finances and can also help certain poor people in meeting their ends. But time is considered to be one of the most essential assets, giving someone our time can be the best way in which we can be useful to them. Therefore, donating our time in service in the temple or at other places is as worthy as making cash donations. 

One must remember at all times that the only thing that matters is the intention behind the act of donating. The amount of money or time donated does not matter as much as the purity of emotions and the true heart with which this act is performed. The emotion of selflessness is considered to be supreme and therefore, one must donate without thinking of any returns. 

What Is the Best Way To Donate Money?

You can donate money in temples where it is used in smooth functioning and making all the basic resources available to the devotees. Further, there are other ways in which you can donate money such as to NGOs present in all corners of the world as well as giving money to the poor who are in need locally. 

It has now become possible to make donations online using websites that further widens your options of donating money. 

How Can I Donate Without Money?

It is possible to donate without money as well. One can always donate one’s time to those who are in need. Various programmes take place to honour the Lord as well as there are activities in the daily functioning of the temples to which one can contribute. 

It is possible for a lot of people to donate money which can now happen with a few clicks, however, devoting your time with the intention of service to the Lord is incomparable. It equates to an act of selflessness which is done only to help the other person and detach oneself from the material world. 

How Can I Donate My Time to Charity?

Donate time to charity

You can donate your time to charity by helping in organising the sermons of the Lord and doing other services that take place in the temple. Not just directly in the temple, but it is possible to donate time by helping those who are in need by providing services in kind. You can donate food and clothes as well to people locally. 

Any act of kindness done without expectations of a return can be considered as an act of charity. Therefore, numerous opportunities exist for making contributions without having to give away money. 

Donating money to charity is very important as it allows you to put a smile on someone’s face with your small act. It helps you earn a lot of blessings and fulfil your service to the Lord. Not just this, but by donating money and time to charity, one gets a sense of satisfaction which is incomparable at the same time moving away from the race of material pleasures. Therefore, you must donate money to the poor and make donations in NGOs and temples since it can help in several ways.