Donate Money and Help Poor People To Get Food.


When you donate to the cause you care about is not only beneficial to the charity itself, but it can also bring you profound benefits. Millions of people regularly donate to charities to support the cause they believe in and its positive impact on their lives. 

So why is feeding the hungry important so comforting? We carefully studied five reasons to donate money to the charity in India of your choice. Donations to charities are a significant emotional boost. The knowledge that you are helping others will significantly enhance your abilities, making you feel happier and more satisfied. 

Research has established a link between donations to charities and increased activity in areas of the brain that record happiness, which shows that, as the adage says, giving is much better than receiving. 
There are many ways to effectively donate to Charity, such as directly from wages through payroll programs before tax deductions, donating stock to charities, or leaving a charitable inheritance in a will. These donation methods ensure that the charity you choose will benefit as much as possible from your support.

How Do I Donate to Needy People?

Many people believe that donating to other people and individuals in need will help them lead a better life and help them improve our community. Many organisations provide various activities that can lead people to contact people in need and help them. 

Well, indeed, for many people, donating time and money to others is a feeling of kindness and generosity. This contributes to holistic improvement in the feelings of others. Many organisations are also involved in helping people in need. If people do not have money, they can volunteer in these organisations. 

There are various types of non-governmental and charitable organisations that provide services to people in need to meet their educational, social, and professional needs for a happy life. 

You can also do something without participating in any NGO or organisation for Feeding the hungry charities. With the help of Internet services, find some charity organisations, or if you see people in need on the street, give them some basic survival necessities, such as food and clothes. 

Some of the best and most well-known charities are working with disadvantaged and needy people around the world. Applicants or donors can easily search for these charitable organisations with the help of online services and give them what they lack. 

If you are keen to help, not just visit any charity, you can also become a fundraiser, allowing you to organise various activities for the poor. Some major social events include marathons, social events, performances, concerts, birthdays, etc. They have a high demand for fundraising activities. 

All funds generated through these activities are used for people in need and ensure that their basic living needs are effectively met worldwide.

How Can I Give Money to a Poor and Hungry Family?

1. Building buzz/awareness 

Now that you have completed your research, you can use the new information as a tool to build buzz or raise awareness among people around you. If you care about the poor in the world, you can be sure that others will also care, but they may not know how to help. 

You can share information about different organisations fighting poverty with your colleagues, family and friends. You can also call radio programs, write letters to editors, talk about careers locally, submit ideas to the media, or anything else that might bring the idea of ​​helping the world’s poor to the forefront of people’s vision and thinking. 

2. Social Media 

Many leaders have Facebook pages, Twitter, or websites. All you need to do is post ideas to help the world’s poor on your page or post various questions yourself. 

3. Politics 

Although you can call Congress or post to your Facebook page, there are other ways to help the world’s poor and “play politics. You can also mobilise the people around you; Only one person calling Congress will make a difference, but if multiple people in a region convene Congress on the same issue simultaneously, it will have a more significant impact. 

4. Fundraising 

You can contact people from various organisations to donate or use sites like CrowdRise to start activities. You can also raise money by running a marathon or accomplishing other feats, as long as you ask people to become your sponsors. You can also request donations to different charities instead of receiving gifts at birthdays, weddings, or other events. 

5. Volunteer 

Finally, one of the most challenging (but probably the most valuable) ways to help the world’s poor is volunteering. This can include many different things: volunteering for political campaigns, volunteering for non-profit organisations, volunteering for.

Ways To Help The Hungry People?

1) Donate food to the local pantry. 

Although financial donations are more effective, if people can Donate Hungry, then provide food because this is always commendable. Think about the dry and canned foods that can be stored on the shelf (such as beans, rice, soup, peanut butter, cereals) that you buy in the store or stored in the cupboard. 

2) Make a virtual food drive. 

When you hear “food-driven”, you might think of traditional cardboard collection boxes for Feeding the hungry. But today, many food banks prefer the so-called virtual food drive, where event organisers collect donations online. Not only does money donation provide the most effective form of support, but online fundraising activities are also the safest and easiest during a pandemic. You can raise money from your family, friends, and social media connections or organise activities on behalf of your workplace, school, or community. 

3) You can get involved in writing a letter to the editor of the local newspaper. 

Writing to the editor or publishing a column in the local newspaper is “one of the most effective ways to get their attention. Write a short letter that focuses on food insecurity in your area and how you can help improve the situation or other benefits (such as child nutrition programs).

4) Make noise on social media. 

Use the few minutes you spend on social media this week to ask legislators to support your motive of donating to Food For Hungry. Social media are known to be the most widely used platform to reach out to a significant population. You can utilise it for your goal and welcome others to be a part of the donation campaign.

5) Volunteers dine on wheels. 

During the pandemic, many local Meals on Wheels programs desperately needed more help. However, others are not currently accepting new volunteers. Although applicants are asked to wait patiently, remember that you can also donate to the Meals on Wheels COVID19 Response Fund at any time.

How Iskcon Dwarka Helps Hungry people?

Iskcon Donation aims at collecting maximum funds for feeding the people who sleep hungry. We have the concept of a mega kitchen where we make food for hundreds and thousands of people in a day. We have fed millions of people during pandemic times. The food was nutritious, which had everything to boost the immunity of the people suffering from covid. 

How To Donate Iskcon Dwarka?

For making Iskcon Charity, you need to visit the official website of Iskcon and reach the donation page. Details of the donation will be available there. You can donate as much as your pocket allowance. 


There are endless Benefits of ending hunger. One of the main reasons to donate is to get one step closer to the almighty after death. Think of those people who wander streets day and night, work hard, and still fail to get two meals a day. So, be a part of our donation campaign and feed the people in need.