Doing Online Donation to Temples – The Right Way


Living with Krishna consciousness should be the ultimate aim of all mankind. A life of service to the Lord can be understood as the best life as has been stated in the Bhagavad Gita by Lord Krishna Himself. People generally spend their lives running after material things and comforts aspiring to be involved in spiritual practices in old age. However, the right time never comes for these people and they never get an opportunity to get close to the Lord. 

Therefore, one must start living a life of Krishna consciousness today and serve Lord Krishna in whatever form it is possible. Chanting the Lord’s name, performing Japa, preaching about the Lord, donating money to temples and taking care of God’s children are some ways in which one can fulfil their role of serving the Lord. 

To distance oneself from material attachments at the same time serving the Lord, the best way is to participate in an online donation to temples. Online Donation has made charity much easier at the same time, providing the doer with the same advantages and blessings. It is considered one of the best ways of serving the Lord. 

Read with us to know how to do temple donation online, the best way to donate money and the best places to donate money

Should We Donate Money in Temples or Not?

Temples are a non-profit organisation built to create a place for the devotees to serve the Lord. There are no capital activities that they engage in, which makes donation be the only source of revenue for them. The devotees can engage in chanting the name of the Lord, participate in lectures and preaching as well as collective prayers in a temple. 

Monetary funding is required for all these activities to go on smoothly. If one donates to a temple, one can be entitled to endless blessings since their small contribution can be the reason behind providing people with a platform to connect with the Lord. Donating money to a temple therefore can be a very noble deed that must be performed. 

What Happens to Money Donated in Temples?

The money donated to a temple is utilised in funding all the resources of a temple which might include the furniture, the books, the seminars as well as daily maintenance. It is important to note that money donated to a particular temple is used completely for the services of that temple which rules out the possibility of any misuse. 

For meeting the everyday expenses of the temple as well as for providing the basic facilities to the devotees who visit the temple, the authorities make use of the donation money. 

Is it Safe To Donate Online to Temples?

Online donation India for mandir is the modern way of donating money to a temple. It helps in saving time and resources for both parties and adds to the convenience. However, while donating money online one must pay attention that the website being used is authentic and there is no scope of fraudulent activities. 

To make a safe transaction, you must acquaint yourself with the process followed by the temple that is willing to donate to it. You must use only the sites which are verified and provided to you by the temple authorities. Verifying the source should be done very carefully. 

If the above-stated procedure is followed appropriately, online donations can be made completely secure and easy. 

How Can I Donate Online Safely?

After making a decision to donate money to a temple, one must acquaint themselves with the complete procedure that a temple follows for the same. This process can differ from one temple to another depending on their flow of donations as well as the scale of the temple. 

After having completely understood the procedure, you must make sure that you are using only the official site of the temple or the official fundraising site to make the donations. Going through the verification procedure properly can make online transactions secure and easy. 

What Is the Best Way To Donate Money?

Having a noble cause in mind is all that is required. One can donate money in whatever form that is convenient be it giving money to someone locally who is in need of it, giving donations in temples or giving donations in NGOs. The amount of contribution and the way in which it is performed is of little importance if the intentions are pure. 

With technological advancements, there is now a possibility of donating money online as well for various temples and NGOs that can be made use of. This makes the process faster and easier. You can fulfil your service to the Lord with a few clicks sitting at your home. This mode has increased the number of contributions that are made. Not only this, but it has also made it easier for temples and NGOs to raise funds easily by providing links online. 

Final Thoughts

The pursuit of material comforts can never lead a human being anywhere, since it is all left behind, when we leave the world. Instead, serving the Lord and detaching oneself from material pleasures should be the utmost priority of all individuals. Life will become easier on its own if you do not engage yourself much in material things. Additionally, the satisfaction derived from the act of donation is incomparable which is another incentive to make the move. 

With the advancement of technology, even the service to the Lord has become easy as one has access to everything online be it sermons, spiritual information or connecting with people. The option of online donation is another gift of technology. You can now donate to charity online and fulfil your responsibility sitting at home. 

The amount you donate online to can help numerous devotees come closer to the Lord and perform their services. Temple is considered to be the home of the Lord and by contributing to the home of the Lord you can get an opportunity to do your service and encourage several other people to do the same. Any amount donated to specified funds through cheque, or online payment mode, has no maximum limit available on deductions under section 80G.

The new right way to donate money to temples or to the best NGO in India is online donations. Do your bit right now and be entitled to a shower of blessings.