Deploy Geeta Saar Teachings into Real Life

Geeta Saar

Handling the daily life problems agitate people, today. Thus, there is a need for a remedial solution to resolve problematic situations that people face often. Lord Krishna’s Teachings Owing to the arrival of the modernization, the social cohesion, which was intact earlier, has lost its presence. So, the mankind has to introspect and lean on the religious teachings and texts for their sustenance. The religious teachings not only soothe mind and soul but also assist in combating the life problems.

The divine teachings of the god lessen stress as well as create positivity in and around an individual. The teachings fortify an individual internally to withstand adverse conditions. Mainly, in the fast-moving world, people remain secluded from the world. This seclusion neither bestows inner peace nor privacy in life; in turn, it weakens the cord with the society. To construct the strong individuality, a person needs to be fortified physically, mentally as well as religiously. Fortification can only be attained by forming a connection with the lord. For that, a person should recite hymns and read Geeta Saar.

Geeta Saar is a synopsis of the religious text Bhagwat Geeta. Bhagwat Geeta is ascribed by Vyasa. The text mainly retains the teachings of Lord Krishna. These teachings were given by Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the Mahabharata. The teachings are eminent in the Indian history. They propagate the message to live happily and peacefully. Furthermore, they aid to deal with everyday problems effortlessly. They motivate people to face challenges and achieve success. Thus, when dejection or depression veil upon an individual then Geeta Saar assists in mitigating the loss. Notably, Geeta Saar is a true source of inspiration. It supercharges the mind and keeps an individual physically fit and healthy. Mental health is a core of successful life. If an individual is mentally strong, then he can accomplish any milestone despite physical inadequacy.

As said, the Lord Krishna’s Teachings of Bhagwad Gita are derived from Lord Krishna. He gave this knowledge to Arjuna at the wartime to instill motivation and courage in him, so that he can fight against close kins. The wartime incident, when Arjuna refused to participate, goes as such:

Arjun, the warrior was dejected to find his closed bonds as foes against him. By discerning his enemies, he tried to step back and deviated from performing righteously. At this point, Arjuna, who was a disciple of Lord Krishna, loosed his determination and his courage shattered. To console Arjuna and show him the true path, Lord Geeta gave him religious and philosophical teachings. These teachings transformed his mind and prepared him to combat adversaries. Later on, the saint Vyasa ascribed the complication of these teachings as Bhagwad Gita.

The religious text, Bhagawat Gita, is written in ancient Sanskrit language. The text is not written in Devnagiri style and hence, common folk can’t read and understand the text. To read it, they will require the assistance of a Sanskrit scholar or a priest, who can interpret the text into their regional language. However, there is another way of grasping Krishna’s wisdom that is, Geeta Saar. It (Geeta Saar) explains Sanskrit shlokas that are mentioned in the Bhagwad Gita in a simplified form. For that, a religious believer can either purchase the Geeta Saar textbook or visit Iskcon Dwarka. Iskcon Dwarka is a Hindu temple, where Krishna’s teachings are preached. The temple is administered by Krishnans, who are core followers of Lord Krishna.