Concepts of Bhakti Yoga Devotion

Bhakti Yoga Devotion

What comes to your mind when you think about Yoga? You might think that Yoga is all about performing convoluted poses. Yoga is not just about complex asanas, rather it involves a group of mental, physical, and spiritual exercises that calm your soul, and keep you away from several ailments. Now, speaking about Bhakti, this is quite a powerful and significant term. Talking about the etymology of the word ‘Bhakti’, it is basically a Sanskrit word. The meaning of Bhakti in Sanskrit is explained as the love and devotion one has for a personal God. On a broader sense, Bhakti means fondness, devotion, faith or love, homage, and worship.

While you start strutting on the path of Bhakti Yoga, it is important to understand the meaning of Yoga and Bhakti. When you combine Yoga and Bhakti, you get Bhakti Yoga. Now speaking about Bhakti Yoga, it is predominantly a spiritual path that lays focus on the cultivation of devotion and love of a person towards the divine Almighty. Bhakti Yoga is not about practicing intricate poses, rather it is a way of connecting with God, and calming your soul. Bhakti Yoga is considered as the Yoga of Devotion as it involves yogic devotional practices that help you in connecting with your inner self and the almighty.

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Bhakti Yoga is a part of the 6 systems of Yoga that have been treasured since the olden times that can eventually steer you to understand your true nature. If you do not want to get involved in intricate yogic poses, you can do Bhakti Yoga Mediation to keep your mind and soul reach the state of tranquility.

How to Walk on the Path of Bhakti Yoga?

If you have decided to walk on the path of Bhakti Yoga, then you take into consideration the following steps to practice the Yoga of Devotion.

Listen or Read Scriptures: You can read or listen to religious and spiritual scriptures that will give a better understanding of the universe, and help you in connecting with God. Not only this, these teachings will also help to become a better person. You can read the teachings of ‘Gita’ that will definitely calm the storm in your soul.


Kirtan: A ‘Kirtan’ means reciting or chanting of a particular story or idea. Kirtans are carried out in groups where people sing, dance and play musical instruments to connect with God. Kirtan can be understood in simpler words as ecstatic group chanting.

Service, and Friendship: While you are following the path of Bhakti, the most important thing you need to build up in your character is the feeling of service and friendship. Bhakti is all about devotion, love, and worship and if you cannot be good to others you can never connect to God. Life is all about helping others and living in harmony with each other.
Bhakti Yoga is all about living in concord with yourself, and everyone else. It is a way of connecting with the almighty and bringing serenity in your life. You can take help of any method, whether you enjoy Kirtans, or love reading scriptures- it’s all up to you. Nut remember one thing that the most important thing is to be true to yourself and love every being on this planet. That is how you achieve the real path of Bhakti.