Learn Bhagwad Gita Shloka Online

Learn Bhagwad Gita Shloka Online

Bhagwad Gita is one of the most religious and spiritual book of the Hindus. It is considered as doctrine of the universal truth, it has been influencing lots of people all over the world. As the saga Ved Vyasa is well known for writing Mahabharata, Gita is considered to be a part of it. In the epic story of Mahabharata, it is shown that Pandava and Kaurava are shown fighting for the throne of Hastinapur. In this case the Prince of Pandava dynasty gets weak in the battle when he sees his relatives and friends fighting with to each other. Bhagwad Gita quotes are quite useful in our day to day life.

Bhagwad Gita Shloka

When Lord Krishana witnesses him losing his strength and patience to fight, it is Lord Krishna who gave him the Geeta Saar. The teaching of Bhagwad Gita Shaloka is quite popular all over the world; there are many people who follow it as their guidelines and principles of life. It has been 5040 thousand years that it was written and it is still much popular among people. Every single person who so ever has gone through it considers it to be unique and ultimate. It touches and captures every aspect of life. A person can easily lead a peaceful life if he/she takes the Bhagwad Gita Shloka teachings in their life. It makes the life of a person quite peaceful and systematic if you follow the teachings of Bhagwad Gita carefully. There are many individuals who have benefitted a lot from all these and it makes our life worth living.

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It is believed that it shows the right path to the distracted ones. It is quite useful to the ones who are stressed and confused in life. It shows the path of wisdom to the lost ones. It is one of the greatest spiritual books all over the world. It prime motive of this book is to motivate the humanity and bring out the best in them. It enhances their mental balance and the thought process. It helps gain lots of love from the Almighty. Geeta Saar has helped to change the life of many individual.

The Essence of Bhagavad Gita

Throwing some light on its teaching:

  • Limited thought about somebody else like it is yours and it is mine should be kept out of mind.
  • Someone with money minded could not meditate how harder you try.
  • Desires keep coming and going in a lifetime of a person.
  • Lord Krishna is the supreme power.
  • So as to get utmost peace in life one has to devote themselves to Lord Krishna.
  • It is believed that every action you do should be dedicated to Lord Krishna.
  • It says that whenever we come to this world we do not bring anything along with us, neither we are going to take it with us, so one should not be materialistic at all.

Bhagwad Gita Shloka brings lots of positivity in a person’s life. It is like a guiding light in an individual’s life.