Why should you attend “Discover Your Permanent Happiness” seminars?

Discover Your Permanent Happiness

Since eternity, the human yearns to find the reason of his existence, the presence of God, and understand the reincarnation process. Earlier, meditation in the form of “Tapasa” facilitates to answer the intrinsic questions. The meditation bonds the mind and soul together and helps to lead the life cheerfully by singing God’s praise. Unlike primitive days, the modern world or say Kalyuga is devoid of spirituality. Now, people are engrossed in the materialistic world and thus, don’t recognize the actual meaning of their presence. To attain philosophical and spiritual knowledge, people need to attend “Discover Your Permanent Happiness” seminar. In the seminar, the spiritualist answers various queries that men are inquisitive to know. Some of the common questions are what is the motive of your existence? How can content be achieved? Does God actually exist and if yes, how can you find him?

These questions often arise in the mind and make the human restless to discern answers. Frequently, people read scriptures and religious text to sort the questions. However, nothing helps them to settle their inquisitive nature. For their spiritual and self-awareness, Iskcon Dwarka presents “Discover your permanent Happiness” seminars. Herein, the krishnans will answer the question that entire mankind has been seeking for years. The seminar is a twelve-hour long session and goes for six consecutive days. Attending the session will be a life-changing experience for everyone as the krishnans demystify the true meaning of life. While preaching the spiritual lessons, the preachers follow systematic and scientific approaches to understand the abstract lessons.

Besides recognizing the worth of spirituality, the Discover Your Permanent Happiness seminar benefits people in numerous other ways. Read on, to know these benefits!

1. The seminar gives a life-changing experience to the people. The systematic and scientific tools are utilized in the seminar and hence, facilitate the learner to grasp the teaching in an easy and quick way.

2. By attending the seminar, an individual will grasp the Vedic knowledge. The Vedic knowledge, in turn, helps to tackle adverse situations in life and acts as a stress buster as well. By adopting these two tools, the individual can remain content in every condition.

3. The “Discover Your Permanent Happiness” seminar instills the energy into the beings and helps them to attain peace and content. Furthermore, the preachers in the sessions teach the learners how to harmonize with oneself as well as people surrounding an individual. Thus, the sessions help to construct and maintain the social and professional network in an effortless manner.

4. The preachers teach the law of karma to the pupils and focus on understanding the nature of karma and its constituents. Thus, the teaching facilitates the individual to cope with adversaries in an easy and effective way.

5. Through the teachings, an individual can eradicate the bad habits and lifestyle. After eradication of these ills, the individual can become empowered and lead a healthy and happy life.

6. The teachings build harmony and strengthen conscience of an individual. Attaining these core elements assist in leading a smooth life.

The above-mentioned benefits are attained by attending a six-day long seminar. To attend “Discover Your Permanent Happiness” seminar, visit Iskcon Dwarka.