Appearance Day of Shri Shrivasa Pandita Pandita

Appearance Day of Shri Shrivasa Pandita Pandita

Shri Shrivasa Pandita: 5th member of the Panca-tattva

Before the arrival of Lord Chaitanya, Shri Shrivasa Pandita, the fifth member of the Panca-tattva, and Shri Krishna Chaitanya, Prabhu Nityananda, Shri Advaita, Gadadhara, Shri Shrivasa Pandita, and Gaura Bhakta Vrinda, dwelt in Navadwipa, Shri Shrivasa Pandita supervised the devout lives of his brothers Shri Rama, Shri Nidhi, and Shripati, who sang Lord Krishna‘s praises, worshipped the Lord and took three daily baths in the Ganges. Let’s discuss in detail about appearance day of shri shrivasa pandita.

They met with Shri Advaita Acharya Prabhu, studied the Bhagavatam, and prayed for the Absolute Lord to manifest. How come they prayed? Only Lord Krishna avatara could restore Vaishnavism amid the adamant atheists, rationalists, and arrogant pandits who were assaulting Nadia then.

Malini, Wife of Shri Shrivasa Pandita Pandita

Sachi Devi’s close friend Malini was the wife of Shri Shrivasa Pandita. She worked as a nurse at Nimai. As Lord Vishvambhara came, all devotees’ hearts overflowed with maternal love (vatsalya bhava). Gaurachandra cherished Malini and Shri Shrivasa Pandita as second mothers and fathers.

Nimai’s bari was 200 yards north of Shri Shrivasa Pandita Angan (house). Large, comfortable chambers, a high boundary wall that served as protection, and lush, densely vegetated gardens and trees were all features of Shri Shrivasa Pandita’s opulent residence. Here, Shri Gauranga Mahaprabhu and His closest companions regularly partake in euphoric kirtans and savor Vrindavana’s sweets.

In his stupid attempt to halt Shri Krishna’s Sankirtana Movement, the furious Muslim Kazi smashed this sacred mridanga. Shri Shrivasa Pandita Angan became known as Khol Banga Danga (where the mridanga was broken).

The Kazi enacted a law outlawing sankirtana. Infringers would lose their possessions and be forced to convert to Islam. Although most Nadia vasis (Navadwipa’s population) were alarmed, Shri Shrivasa Pandita mocked the extreme law.

Lord Gauranga-Sundara revealed His divine form to all of His eternal friends within Shri Shrivasa Pandita Angan. The Sankirtana Movement of Gauranga had its headquarters in the home of Shri Shrivasa Pandita. The nightly kirtans, daily Bhagavatam classes, and Lord Gaura Raya’s private Vraja pastimes occurred here.

Shri Shrivasa Pandita Learned Chiefs of the Brahmana Community

The wise leaders of the brahmana society, Shri Shrivasa Pandita and Shri Advaita Acharya, gave their undivided attention to the Lord’s Hari-Nama Sankirtana Campaign. They offered Lord Gaura their selves, thoughts, residences, social networks, and assets.

Shri Shrivasa Pandita represented the weaker living being and participated in Shri Gaurasundara’s pastimes. The devotees are Lord Chaitanya’s smaller limbs. They helped promote the sankirtana movement, led by Lord Gauranga. Narada Muni is known as Shri Shrivasa Pandita. The 64 Samadhis Area is where he is buried.

Shri Shrivasa Pandita Pandita

Childhood of Shri Shrivasa Pandita Pandita

Shri Shrivasa Pandita and Jagannatha Mishra approached Malini Devi at this time and intimated that she was particularly required at this time because she had previously been occupied with caring for Sachi Devi. No one can know the Lord if He chooses not to show Himself. Therefore, the Devotees could only partially comprehend the Lord’s true character, even though He had displayed many supernatural skills since He was a child. It was because of His deluding power.

They had no sense of awe or reverence; their hearts were full of parental love for Him. Sachi Devi and Jagannatha received a lot of parenting guidance from Shri Shrivasa Pandita and Malini. Shri Gaurasundara thought of Shri Shrivasa Pandita and Malini as his mother and father. Shri Shrivasa Pandita offered young Nimai Pandita sound advice one day because He appeared to have become haughty due to His scholarship.

“As to why people study. For them to comprehend Lord Krishna’s devotion, “He informed Nimai. “How will education benefit someone if he doesn’t develop devotion to Lord Krishna? It turns into a time-consuming endeavor that is ultimately pointless. If you have genuinely gained knowledge, start worshipping Lord Krishna right away. Be quick. It is the reason you are here.”

Nimai responded, laughing: “It will happen through your kindness without a doubt. I’m sure I’ll develop devotion to Lord Krishna’s lotus feet if you’re all good enough to me.”

Soon after, Shri Ishvara Puri performed the pastime of accepting Mahaprabhu’s initiation in Gaya, where He then traveled. As a result, He gradually started to focus on doing His genuine work, which is giving loving devotion to Lord Krishna.

One day, Lord Gauranga approached Shri Shrivasa Pandita’s home and asked, “Whom do you worship? Whom do you consider? You can see that individual standing before you with your own two eyes.” PB Madhya 2/258

After saying this, Mahaprabhu went to Shri Shrivasa Pandita’s home temple’s Deity room and sat on Lord Visnu’s simhasana, showing his four-armed figure holding the conch, disc club and lotus flower. When Shri Shrivasa Pandita saw this figure, he was completely speechless.

Then, Shri Gaurasundara remarked, “I have left Vaikuntha and come to this mortal world with My eternal friends to punish the miscreants and deliver the righteous because of your sankirtana and Shri Advaita Acharya’s loud roaring. You can now proclaim My glories fearlessly.”

When Shri Shrivasa Pandita heard these words from His Lord, which allayed all fear, he prostrated himself to the ground in worship. He then started singing hymns of worship to the Lord.


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