Unknown Facts of Lord Krishna- The 80 Sons Of Lord Krishna

In Hindu religion, the great Lord Krishna holds a very important place. In fact, Lord Krishna considered as one of the most enigmatic deities. He is the only Hindu deity who is worshipped all around the world. Lord Krishna’s teachings and thoughts are sufficient to change someone’s life positively. This is the only reason why people of different countries have such a deep faith in him. The credit of spreading his teachings all across the world goes to the great Srila Prabhupada who was the founder of ISKCON. Now, ISKCON Dwarka and other ISKCON communities are trying to take his initiative one step further.

Interesting facts about Lord Krishna’s 80 sons

Lord Krishna has a very mysterious personality. One of the most interesting facts of Krishna is that he married around 16, 108 wives. As per the sayings, each wife gave birth to 10 children and each child had some features of Lord Krishna! But, out of 16,108, there were only 8 queens. So, the question is that how many sons of Lord Krishna had? Today we are going to discuss all those 8 queens and their 80 sons. Let’s get started:

Names of 80 sons:

He got 8 queens named Rukmini, Satyabhama, Kalindi, Lakshmana, Bhadra, Nagnajiti, Jambavati, and Mitravinda. Following are the names of 80 sons of Lord Krishna from these wives:

  1. Rukmini: Charu, Charu Deshna, Charudeha, Charuchandra, Bhadracharu, Vicharu, Sudeshna, Sucharu, Charugupta, and Pradyumna.
  2. Satyabhama: Bhanu, Swabhanu, Subhanu, Bhanumaan, Prabhanu, Atibhanu, Pratibhanu, Shribhanu, Bruhadbhanu, and Chandrabhanu.
  3. Kalindi: Kavi, Subahu, Shanti, Purnamas, Vrush, Somak, Veer, Bhadra, Shrut, and Darsh.
  4. Lakshmana: Prabal, Bal, Oja, Sah, Aparajit, Prabodh, Simha, Gatravaan, Mahashakti, and Urdhvag.
  5. Bhadra: Satyak, Shoor, Arijit, Vaam, Jay, Aayu, Sangramjit, Praharan, Bruhatsen, and Subhadra.
  6. Nagnajiti: Kunti, Vegavaan, Aam, Veer, Vasu, Ashwasen, Vrush, Shanku, Chandra, and Chitragu.
  7. Jambavati: Vijay, Krutu, Samba, Sumitra, Dravin, Shatajit, Purujit, Vasuman, Shasrajit, and Chitraketu.
  8. Mitravinda: Harsh, Kshudhi, Anand, Vruk, Mahash, Paavan, Anil, Varddhan, Vanhi, and Grudhra.

Samba: Lord Krishna’s most notorious son

We all know that Lord Krishna is famous for his admirable nature. But, it is really hard to believe that his sons were not so popular. One of his son named Samba has a very small role in the battle of Mahabharata. Most of the people resembled him as Lord Krishna, but Lord Krishna felt that he is more like Lord Shiva in many aspects.

Pradyumna: Ended the story of devil Sambara

He is another son of Lord Krishna who holds an interesting yet unknown story. It is said that he is the only power behind the death of Sambara. He cut off the head of Sambara with his sword. This is how he gathered some fame and recognition and this incident adds some new interesting facts of Krishna’s sons.

We all know that Lord Krishna is the name of a power that can convert every negative thought into the positive one. His teachings and sayings can vanish the evil spirits very easily. If you want to know more about Lord Krishna and about his teachings, then ISKCON Dwarka is the perfect spot for you.

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