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Hare Krishna! Dear Devotees! ISKCON Dwarka Love Feast program details for this week- 📌 *Saturday, 17th March 2018* Language: *English* 🌼 Evening from 7pm- 9pm Discourse on the topic *Art of self-management* by *His Grace Prashant Mukund Prabhu* *SUNDAY LOVE FEAST TIME IS CHANGED, NEW TIME IS 7pm-9pm* 📌 *Sunday, 18th March 2018* Language: *हिंदी* 🌼 Evening from 7pm- 9pm Special discourse by *His Grace Hari Rupa Prabhu* Hare Krishna! This weekend GFS Saturday class is on the topic *Being Truthful* and Sunday *Being Helpful* timing will be 7:30 to 9:00pm. *Venue- ISKCON Temple Dwarka Delhi, Sector 13* *Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna krishna Hare Hare! Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare!!*

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Donation required for Temple Construction- Rs. 70 Crore/ Total Donation collected till date- Rs. 69,83,285/-


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How Hare Krishna movement came into existence
How Hare Krishna movement came into existence
November 27, 2017
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The ISKCON movement prevalently known as Hare Krishna movement in the west is a monotheistic wing of Gaudiya Vaishnava branch of spirituality that is believed to have started from the days of Lord Krishna. He is believed to be the head of all goods and creatures who took birth on earth to give the sermon … Continue reading How Hare Krishna movement came into existence

Facts of Krishna and radha
Untold facts about Lord Krishna and Radha
November 2, 2017
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Everyone might have heard the fact that Radha is incomplete without Lord Krishna and Krishna is incomplete without Radha. But have you ever wondered when they both are incomplete without each other, why did not they get married to each other? Many people would be interested in getting an answer to this question. Though Lord … Continue reading Untold facts about Lord Krishna and Radha

Advice of Lord Krishna
Advice of Lord Krishna that are Relevant in today’s time in the World
October 12, 2017
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A lot of the teachings of Lord Krishna that we have read and know about, we have got from the Bhagwad Gita. The Gita, in essence, is a collection of all the important philosophical discourses from the time of Mahabharata. It includes divine words and teachings by Lord Krishna himself, which he gave to the … Continue reading Advice of Lord Krishna that are Relevant in today’s time in the World


ISKCON Dwarka Delhi: A Spiritual and Cultural Temple

ISKCON Dwarka Temple in Delhi

ISKCON is a non-profit organization that works for social welfare. ISKCON has only one aim and that is spreading the values and teachings of our Vedas. ISKCON Dwarka Delhi is a beautiful place for gaining such values and for making your life even more fruitful and meaningful. It isan unique VCEC or Vedic and cultural Education Center. It is located in the heart of a cosmopolitan city. This center is determinedly trying to build up the spiritual and ethical fabric of society with the help of different cultural and spiritual educational programs.



If you are gratifying your mind and body, you cannot live a happy and healthy life. The requirements of your soul should be fulfilled as well. For this, we need to indulge ourselves in the activities that will evoke the cultural and spiritual consciousness. It is possible if you hear and chant the holy names ofthe Supreme Lord. As a human, we have the power to recognize and feel the spiritual identity. We can also realize the permanent resource of our happiness.

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Swami Srila Prabhupada was a genuine holy spiritual person with enormous integrity and compassion, and he had a powerful impact on those who met him. He never claimed authority and respect for himself; what he said and did was always in the name of Krishna… – Dr. Thomas J. Hopkins

When His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada entered the port of New York City on September 17, 1965, few Americans took notice — but he was not merely another immigrant. He was on a mission to introduce an ancient religion, which originated in India, into mainstream America. Before Srila Prabhupada passed away on November 14, 1977, at the age of 81, his mission proved successful. He had founded the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) and saw it grow into a worldwide confederation of more than 100 temples, ashrams and cultural centers. Read More



Agni-purana, XXXVIII, 1-50


Those who approve of a man's building a temple for Krishna go to the region of Acyuta [Vishnu] freed from sins. Having desired to build a temple for Hari, a man immediately takes a million of his generations, past and future, to the region of Vishnu.

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